Imagine Dragons — Demons (song review)


Hot on the heels of Imagine Dragons’ massive hit “Radioactive” is “Demons,” currently at #17 and rising on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. It’s always a challenge for a band to follow-up a big hit — especially when it’s their first — but “Demons” should be up to the task, simply because it’s a better song.

“Demons,” like “Radioactive,” owes a great debt to Death Cab for Cutie.  But where “Radioactive” at times — most of the time, actually — felt derivative, “Demons” adds more of an arena-ready twist that should go over well on mainstream radio.

The song begins with only a keyboard and singer Dan Reynolds, before exploding into the chorus of “when you feel my heat / look into my eyes / it’s where my demons hide.”  The song’s alternation between quiet and loud isn’t necessarily new, but the bursts of volume work well in a song about the demons that can suddenly appear in one’s life.

“Demons” is a better song than “Radioactive,” but it’s yet to be seen if the record-buying (or internet-radio-listening?) public will agree.

Rating: 4 out of 5



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