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5 Timeless T-Pain Songs

Florida native hip hop/R&B artist T-Pain has earned his spot in the music industry, contrary to what an article released March 28th stated. T-Pain is known for his auto-tune abilities and practically started the movement. He is not only a singer, but also has expertise in songwriting and producing as well. He is a two-time Grammy winner and has been featured on more than fifty chart topping singles. T-Pain is someone who believes in music and has a desire to experience all genres. He has had a very fulfilling career to date. From his memorable beats to his polished vocals, T-Pain has earned respect as far as music is concerned. Here are five T-Pain songs that will remain popular throughout time.

1. Buy You A Drink

Released in 2007, this song is known as a #1 single and one of the most prevalent club songs, this track will remain well-known and well-liked.

2. I’m Sprung

Catchy is just one adjective to describe this song. In 2005 when this song was released, it was stuck in everyone’s head. It’s cleverly written with some enticing beats.

3. Studio Luv

A sexual ballad that has the perfect title, this song is one of the best T-Pain songs (although there are plenty in my opinion.)

4. I’m In Love With A Stripper

A track from his first album Rappa Ternt Sanga — it’s one of the most commonly known T-Pain songs. This song was one of the hottest nightclub songs and is still being played at venues to date.

5. Bartender

Peaking the charts at #5, this particular track is a fan favorite. Every bartender’s theme song and everyone’s jam, it’s so incredibility catchy that even if you don’t listen to this genre of music, you know this song.

Do you have a favorite T-Pain song? I would love to know what it is, tweet me @brittwv.