If you want to start your own gospel choir, you have come to the right place. Like with anything, the hardest part is usually the beginning. You might not know where to start or even where to find people to join your choir — but have no fear! These tips will be useful on your journey in starting a great gospel choir.

1. Listen to a Lot of Gospel Music

You probably already do this anyway, which is great—but try listening while wondering if the song is similar to what you could see your choir performing. Listening can be incredibly helpful with finding the specific style you want your choir to have, there are many options after all, and you want to have a clear idea for your own style. It’s okay to find influence and inspiration by listening to a lot of fellow musicians— this is also a great way to learn songs.

2. Your Goals

Do you wish to reach people all over the world with your music and possibly have a very professional choir or do you wish to stay more local and just inspire people on a smaller scale? There are no wrong answers, but being honest with your goals is important. You want your whole choir to be on the same page about the vision you have for the future of the choir.

3. Start Asking Around

Now you have a clear vision for your choir, so where can you find talented people to join? You could simply start asking around in your local community. You could bring up the fact that you are starting a choir at your church or at any hobby groups you might be a part of. You could also make flyers and ask to leave them at local stores and libraries— this will allow interested people to come to you. Posting on the internet is also a very easy way to find passionate people to join your choir, look up Facebook groups that might be relevant, and post away!

4. Hold Auditions

Now that you know where to find talented people you might want to consider holding an audition. You want talented people, but you also want those people to be a match for your choir specifically. Do they have the same goals in mind? Do they agree with the style of the choir? Are they passionate and motivated? These are questions you want to ask. It is important to be transparent with what kind of gospel choir you are starting from the beginning, so there is no unnecessary conflict later on.

5. Start Performing

This is the goal, isn’t it? To let people hear you and touch their soul with your singing. So, start performing with your choir. There are many places where you can perform. If you want to start really small in front of a crowd you trust, performing at any family-related celebration could be a great idea, but you can offer to perform at local happenings as well. You also might want to invest in some choir robes to create a sense of unity—and of course, because you will want to be comfortable and look great while performing. One great option is also to record your performance and post it on the internet.

6. Time to Practice

You can never have enough practice because you only get better with every repetition. You need to figure out how your individual talents work together in the best way possible and decide on what songs you might want to sing. It’s also a good idea to set up a regular rehearsal routine with your choir, perhaps once or twice a week.

Keep in mind that it can take a moment to form a unity as a group and that is okay. Take time to practice and to get to know your choir members. It could be beneficial to have a moment to just discuss as a group at every practice and let people voice their ideas and possible concerns. Maybe you want to also have a casual hang out with your choir every once in a while.

Singing in itself is a freeing experience, but if you decide to take on the task of starting a choir, you’re taking the concept to a whole new level that is much deeper on a spiritual level. These 6 tips will help you on your journey of starting a gospel choir. It can be very difficult to try to figure out where to start on your own, but breaking the process into smaller steps makes it a lot easier. With this advice, you can do just that. So, go ahead and start your gospel choir!