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Alanis Morissette releases new single for free

Multiple Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette has just released a compelling new single to be the official song of Marianne Williamson’s Congressional campaign in California’s District 33. You can watch the video for “Today” which emphasizes the need for change in the United States Congress below and download the song for free, starting today (May 5th) at

Morissette has been an avid supporter of Marianne Williamson and sang at her announcement on October 20, 2013. She is enthusiastic about Williamson’s notion of politics of conscience and a new bottom line. While giving a keynote talk for Williamson, Morissette was asked if she would write a song for her campaign. Without hesitation, she agreed.

“I was attempting to capture the passion, mission, activism, deep humanity and tenderness of Marianne, the new political sensibility she represents and the consciousness that produced it,” states Morissette. “Recording at Sunset Sound with my bandmates, Marianne came by and visited … We all huddled together as the song was recorded. I love this song. I love this woman and I love a world that would vote for her.”

In her song, Morissette joins Williamson in taking a stand for democracy and economic justice. Williamson is running for Congress in California’s District 33 as an independent candidate. Williamson denounces the shrinking of our civil liberties, the expansion of corporate influence and the pervasiveness of domestic surveillance. Her platform is based on both values and issues, calling for the return of an ethical center to both our economics and our government; getting money out of politics; and returning power to the people of the United States, so much of it having been granted over the last few decades to multinational corporate forces.

“I am thrilled that Alanis has written and recorded the song `Today’ for my campaign,” said Williamson. “Her artistic genius is a gift to the world; the fact that she would use it in support of my campaign is the highest honor I can imagine.”

Morissette will perform the song when she joins Williamson for a free pre-election rally on Monday, May 19th, at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles at 7:30 pm. The event will be live-streamed at