Alejandra Guzmán announces live album, releases new single

As she returns to Sony Music, Alejandra Guzmán presents her classic hits along with new material on her forthcoming live album, La Guzmán – Primera Fila, which goes to retail this December on CDCD/DVD, DVD and Blu-ray. Forceful, intimate and riveting, “Mi Peor Error” is on its way to becoming one of the biggest hits in La Guzmán’s career.

Few artists transcend decades, leave an indelible mark on their craft, and become acclaimed by the public and the press. Only a select group outlasts passing trends and walks through the storm without getting wet.

(My Worst Mistake), the first single from her forthcoming intimate live album titled La Guzmán – Primera Fila (La Guzmán – Front Row). This engrossing, moving song reasserts her status as a world-class artist. Give it a listen and you’ll believe.

La Guzmán, as her fans and the press have dubbed her, is unmistakable for her heart-rending voice that’s so gifted at expression. Brimming with energy, she’s one of the most important Mexican female singers in the United States. Her actions are driven and defined by her antiestablishment outlook and defiant personality.

Fans can begin to start hearing “Mi Peor Error” on the radio on October 7th. This brand-new song, written by Pablo Preciado, is forceful, intimate and riveting, and is already making a strong run at becoming one of the most iconic hits of 2013.

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