America announces ‘Half Century Box Set’

Seven CD and one DVD box set available June 2020

The year 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of perennial classic-rock favorite, America. America Records is proud to release the ultimate 7 CD/1 DVD Anniversary Box Set called Half Century. Produced for release and compiled by Jeff Larson for America Archives. Containing CDs of rare archival studio recordings consisting of alternate mixes, demos, and rehearsals, including several previously unreleased tracks ranging from 1970-2000. Along with the remastered Bremen 1973 in-studio performance and two CDs of radio interviews providing an audio overview of the band’s career, along with a DVD of Super 8 Home Movies (1972-1975) to give fans a behind the scenes look at the early years of this enduring band.

Disc one contains early demos from the fall of 1970 of the trio preceding their first Warner Bros self-titled album. This set represents the most complete set to date from this era recorded between several iconic London studios of the time.

Disc two features an on-air live recording of the trio from 1973, in-between the albums Hat Trick and Holiday. This recording has been remastered for the first time and includes all the un-edited studio banter. It was previously available only on DVD.

Disc three includes rehearsals, outtakes, and demos from February 1976 for the album Hideaway, recorded at the famed Caribou Ranch Studios in the Rockies – Nederland, Colorado. These recordings provide a “you are there” experience as these songs were being formed on their initial takes.

CD four contains early incarnations and alternate versions of songs released on later America albums as well as unheard songs that have been in the vault until now. In 1981, between the album Alibi (1980) and View From The Ground (1982), the band recorded several songs at Dewey’s home studio, Poison Oak, in Northern California.

CD five includes alternate mixes from the albums Hourglass (1994) and Human Nature (1998) along with unreleased songs that came before, in-between and after these official releases.

Discs six and seven are called America on the Radio and include previously unreleased various radio interviews stemming from 1974-2000’s which provides a narrative and unique overview to their long career.

Exclusive to this box set is a DVD titled Home Movies featuring previously unreleased footage from the band’s personal archive. A collection of very, “fly on the wall” footage, these films provide an amazing insight into the band, shot between 1972 and 1975, showing behind the scenes footage of, “Hat Trick at Home,” early attempts at making home making of music videos and various on the road activities. These films give the viewer an amazing view of historical events as they unfolded. To any America fan, the ultimate access all area’s time machine. This DVD will not be available outside of this set.

CD 1: London Demos 1970 [All Previously Unreleased]

  1. Children (Dick James Session)
  2. 2. Riverside (Chalk Farm)
  3. 3. Rainy Day (Polydor Studios)
  4. 4. Here (Chalk Farm)
  5. Satan (Polydor Studios)
  6. Bummer (Chalk Farm)
  7. Sea of Destiny (Chalk Farm)
  8. How Long (Chalk Farm)
  9. James Holladay (Dick James Session)
  10. Children (Chalk Farm)

CD 2: Bremen 1973 [Only previously available as a DVD]

  1. Ventura Highway (Live)
  2. I Need You (Live)
  3. Don’t Cross The River (Live)
  4. A Horse With No Name (Live)
  5. Moon Song (Live)
  6. Lonely People (Live)
  7. Wind Wave (Live)
  8. Rainbow Song (Live)
  9. Tin Man (Live)
  10. California Revisited (Live)
  11. Green Monkey (Live)

CD 3: The Caribou Sessions 1976 [All Previously Unreleased]

  1. She’s A Liar (Outtake / Alternate Mix)
  2. Amber Cascades (Alternate Early Mix)
  3. Today’s The Day (Outtake / Walkthrough)
  4. Lovely Night (Outtake / Take 1 Session
  5. Hideaway PT 1 (Early Band Outtake)
  6. Watership Down (Alternate Mix)
  7. Letter (Alternate Mix)
  8. Lovely Night (Buzz Studio Demo)
  9. Jet Boy Blue (Outtake / Alternate Mix)
  10. Who Loves You (Alternate Mix)
  11. Caribou (Outtakes Montage)
  12. I’m New In Town – (Buzz Studio Demo)

CD 4: The Poison Oak Sessions 1981 [All Previously Unreleased]

  1. Sailors and Seagulls (unheard song)
  2. Look at Me Now (Early Version)
  3. My Dear (Early Version)
  4. Sometimes Lovers (Early Version)
  5. All The People – Whole Wide World (Early Version)
  6. Coming On (unheard song)
  7. Now I Want Your Love (unheard song)
  8. Inspector Mills (Early Version)
  9. China Sea (unheard song) Bonus Tracks:
  10. Doesn’t The Time (unheard song)
  11. Someday Forever (unheard song)

CD 5: The Alternate 90’s Plus [All Previously Unreleased]

  1. Young Moon (mix without inst. intro)
  2. Call of the Wild (Alternate Early Mix)
  3. Sleeper Train (Alternate Early Mix)
  4. Ports of Call ((Alternate Early Mix)
  5. Mirror to Mirror (Alternate Early Mix)
  6. Whole Wide World (Alternate Early Mix)
  7. Hope (unheard song)
  8. The Hills Are Green (unheard song)
  9. Horse (Interlude)
  10. From A Moving Train (Single Version – edited shorter intro)
  11. Wheels Are Turning (unheard song)
  12. Town and Country (unheard song) 13 Moment To Moment (Alternate Mix)
  13. Wednesday Morning (unheard song)
  14. Oloololo (unheard song)
  15. Overwhelming World (Alternate Mix)
  16. Moment to Moment (Alternate Mix)
  17. Hot Town (unheard song)
  18. Pages (Alternate Early Mix)
  19. If It Is The End (Previously Unreleased)
  20. Remembering (New 2020)

Author: Buddy Iahn

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