Another Tom Petty ‘Wildflowers’ demo released

“There Goes Angela (Dream Away)” is available via SiriusXM and online

Tom Petty’s Estate has released another demo from the Wildflowers session called “There Goes Angela (Dream Away).” The demo is part of the long-anticipated release of Wildflowers – All The Rest that’s been in the works.

“We’re delighted to share a never-before-heard song of Tom’s, ‘There Goes Angela (Dream Away).’ The song is another home demo from the forthcoming Wildflowers project,” a post says.

The song is available for free download via a quiz or available on SiriusXM.

In June, his Estate unveiled a demo for “You Don’t Know How It Feels” that features Petty on all instruments at his home studio.

Wildflowers was originally envisioned as a double album upon its release in 1994, but songs were cut for space when it was truncated. Four of the songs were later released on the She’s The One soundtrack, and several of them appear on the American Treasure box set. In 2015, Petty released “Somewhere Under Heaven” as the first single from Wildflowers – All The Rest, calling it a “lost gem from one of the most prolific periods of Petty’s career.

“I think I put four of the [Wildflowers outtakes] on the She’s the One soundtrack just to fill out the album,” Petty told Rolling Stone in 2017. “But they were very hastily mixed. Take ‘Climb That Hill.’ There’s a version of that on She’s the One, but the Wildflowers one I think is extremely better. I’m gonna put that out. ‘Hung Up And Overdue’ is another one we remixed and it turned into an epic. I had Carl Wilson [of the Beach Boys] and [Heartbreakers bassist] Howie Epstein singing quite a bit of harmony that didn’t come through on the original. Then again, there’s probably six songs that nobody has heard. There’s 11 or 12 [new] songs on the album. I think people are going to like it a lot. I like it a lot.”

Petty often spoke about the project prior to his untimely death in 2017 at the age of 66 from a heart attack.

The project is expected this fall via Warner Bros. Records, although no further details have been unveiled as of press time.

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