You’ll be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about Aurganic’s latest release, Deviations. It’s near flawless production, lyrics, and music all nicely come together to create a very earthy sounding, creative stellar album that’ll keep you captivated throughout. Virtually every track will put you in a good place; a very strong album lyrically that is best summed up as a songwriter’s kind of album.

From it’s explosive leading track “Choices,” it simmers a bit with a Foo Fighter’s inspired track “Waking Trials.” It then turns emo with it’s very poignant and introspective “Lucid.” “Single Motion Sound” has a bit of early 90’s uptempo groove that works beautifully in 2013.

Deviations does run all over the place musically, and it’s clear Aurganic is very much inspired by a wide range of musicians. From Kings of Leon, Radiohead, even the spirit of Pink Floyd is present in the soft but powerful track “In Deep Waters.” Aurganic’s Deviations surely reminds people that rock isn’t dead.