Kicks off 2021 celebrating female beauty, body + soul

First Sami Bearden, Savana Santos and Sam Backoff channeled all of our collective frustration with cultural rage, COVID-19 shutdowns, Say Their Names injustice and general anxiety of last year into “F2020,” a keyboard-driven jam. Not only did the TikTok breakout sum up the year, but the DIY track topped The New York Times prestigious Best Songs of 2020 List.

How does one follow that up? When you’re Avenue Beat, lean into the positive instead of continuing to sink into the muck. Like the pro-femme artists they are, they took the moment to work a spare groove, a staccato start, a few keyboard chords and a dialed back funk guitar figure for the creamy pop of “Woman,” out now via Big Machine Records.

“We kinda said all there was to be said about last year,” says Santos, who’s vocal sets the champagne buzz feeling of the track. “Why more negative? Why not lean into something a lot more sexy, beautiful and awesome like women’s bodies, their vibe, their soul. Let’s start 2021 with something positive, something that feels good!”

Having been hailed by lead NY Times critic Jon Pareles with headline proclaiming, “Powerful Statements, Memorable Hooks,” Avenue Beat did it again. Suggesting Haim’s blood harmonies, the three theater nerds from Illinois imbue “Woman” with the body positivity and freedom to get deep into the esprit de corps of true femininity.

“There’s so much body shaming, labeling, judging,” offers Bearden. “Truth is your best friends are your girls… the people who’re there no matter what happens are your girls… when you wanna dig into whatever, something fun, something tragic, ultimately, it’s your girls.”

“Plus, when Savana gets started, there’s no stopping her. She just hits a groove or a notion, and keeps going,” Backoff marvels. Then she adds, “Plus, mouth trumpet!”

Indeed, Santos provided the black and white animated lyric video. The slinky track is augmented by several circular drawings that build up, fill in and become a woman’s torso. Asking “What’s more beautiful than a woman?” and answering the question with “Nothing,” it’s a pure pop confection designed to remind us all – as a new year gets started – of the splendor that is a woman in full.

“Well, this song is just about how women are so very hot, and beautiful, and magical, and powerful,” raves Santos. “And we hope that this song makes them feel sexy and wanna dance and own their power like the bad bitches they are!”

Once again, taking matters into their own hands, Avenue Beat has helmed their own production, created their own arrangements and set their own course. With a new year ahead, potential freedom from the lockdown coming and so much talent, Backoff, Bearden and Santos are poised for a new attitude in the year ahead, one that starts with honoring “Woman.”