Avery LR gets real on ‘Surviving’

The rapper paints a picture of his life

From South Carolina, Avery has lived a life few survive from. It is for this reason his 27-song mix tape is appropriately titled Surviving. With lyrics that deal with the struggle living in the inner, seeing family members from their confines in jail, but also inspiration, Avery paints a picture of his life and the way he sees life in general.

Surviving contains tracks such as “All the Way Up,” “400 Lux” and “What You Know ‘Bout That.” But the best track is the single, “Never Surrender,” which has been getting all the buzz and rightfully so. The track goes all over the place, hitting issues such as suicide, drug abuse, but Avery puts so much heart into the track you’ll feel where he’s coming from. Avery even touches upon something you barely hear in hip-hop, sexual abuse, which he touches upon on “Surrender” when rapping about a father molesting his own daughter. The song is daring and bold but definitely one of the freshest, raw and real hip-hop anthems you’ll ever hear. This whole album is solid.

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Rob Perez
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