AXS TV acquires ‘Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour’

All three seasons will air starting July 2nd

AXS TV has announced that the network has acquired all three seasons of the popular reality series Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour. The series is set to join AXS TV’s Thursday night summer lineup, starting July 2nd at 9 pm ET. A+E Networks, Osbourne Media, and T Group Media are the production companies for the series.

Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour follows father and son duo — and heavy metal royalty — Ozzy Osbourne and Jack Osbourne on the trip of a lifetime, as they embark across the United States and around the world. Armed with nothing but an RV and a bucket list packed with iconic sites and unforgettable activities, the pair hit the road to learn the history of legendary landmarks with the help of knowledgeable experts, and explore quirky local hotspots ranging from a funeral museum and medical oddities collection, to an abandoned penitentiary, a Sin City summit with Billy Idol, a dip in the Fountain Of Youth, and much more. The series also features appearances by Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly Osbourne, and his beloved grandchildren, adding to the fun and humor associated with this well-known TV family.

Highlights include a trip to The Alamo, where Ozzy relives one of his more infamous moments; a trek to Roswell, NM and the alleged extraterrestrial crash site just outside of Area 51; international odysseys to the UK, where the pair checks out Superhenge; Japan, where they craft a Katana blade and Jack gets a souvenir that will last a lifetime; and Cuba, where Jack and Ozzy visit Ernest Hemingway’s estate and try to score some Cuban cigars; as well as a visit to Mar-a-Lago; a high-speed chase down a NASCAR track; a cruise aboard a life-size Noah’s Ark replica; a New Orleans excursion headlined by a tour of one of the country’s most haunted houses; a Missouri mining adventure; and an out-of-this-world Space Camp retreat, among others.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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