AXS TV announces music trivia series

Fans can cash in on their knowledge of Metallica, The Rolling Stones & others

AXS TV hits the concert scene this summer to put music fans to the ultimate test in the all-new trivia series Parking Lot Payday, premiering Tuesday, July 12th at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

Hosted by Zach Selwyn — whose diverse credits include leading roles on acclaimed series such as ESPN’s Around the Horn, Attack Of The Show, and America’s Secret Slang, among others — Parking Lot Payday puts a fun and unique spin on the traditional game show experience, as Selwyn and his crew ride into concert parking lots to give attendees the chance to cash-in on their knowledge of their favorite bands. The inaugural season features four 30-minute episodes, putting the spotlight on concertgoers on their way to see heavy metal masterminds Metallica on July 12th, rock trailblazers The Rolling Stones on July 19th, chart-topping favorites Imagine Dragons on July 26th, and rock mainstays Coldplay on August 1st.

Select fans will have the opportunity to answer up to 10 multiple-choice questions specifically pertaining to the band performing that night. The first question is worth five dollars, and that amount doubles with each question that follows — resulting in a possible grand total of $2,560 for those lucky contestants who manage to correctly answer all 10 questions. To aid them in their quest, fans will have the option to ask for a hint, text a friend, or search for the answer on their phone for 30 seconds if they get stuck. A contestant can choose to walk away at any point with the money they have won, whether it is merely $5, $80 or the entire pot. Once a fan answers a question incorrectly, they are out of the game and lose all of their earned money.

Parking Lot Payday is produced in-house by AXS TV, with Sarah Weidman, Lauren Child and Kim Garner serving as executive producers.


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