Bellamy Brothers partner with medical cannabis provider

Bellamy Brothers’ Old Hippie Stash Flower Product Line available now in Trulieve dispensaries across Florida

Iconic international duo, Bellamy Brothers, announce a partnership with Florida-based medical cannabis provider Trulieve Cannabis Corp. The Bellamy Brothers’ Old Hippie Stash flower product line is available now with the initial strains, Reggae Cowboy and Big Love, in Trulieve dispensaries across Florida.

“We are thrilled to launch Old Hippie Stash with Trulieve. This is a company and product line we really believe in and think so many people will see amazing benefits from using,” expresses David Bellamy.

Big Love is a well-balanced hybrid that yields deep green flower with vibrant purple hues. The aroma from this strain is very piney and sweet. The flavor is rich and earthy up front with a piney finish. Effects one may feel when using Big Love are euphoric and cerebral. This hybrid provides an uplifting experience that will wash away the stresses of your day.

Reggae Cowboy is a 50/50 hybrid which produces light purple buds with mossy green highlights. The flowers are covered in an abundance of trichomes and have a frosty appearance. The aroma of Reggae Cowboy is very floral and spicy with subtle pungent undertones. The taste is similar to the aroma in that its spicy and smooth with a light skunky finish. Reggae Cowboy packs a punch, this flower will provide a wave of tranquility and relaxation. The mellow sedative effects are accompanied with a tingling sensation throughout your body.

“We are focused on providing a constantly evolving and expanding selection of high-quality cannabis products that meet the diverse medical needs of Florida patients,” states Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers. “By partnering with Florida’s own Bellamy Brothers to launch a unique hybrid strain of flower, we are providing our patients with an exclusive signature product line with a throw-back quality that reflects David and Howard’s image for Old Hippie Stash, from their 1985 Billboard country single.”

“Partnering on the local level is important to Trulieve and our go-to-market strategy,” adds Trulieve’s Chief Marketing Officer, Valda Coryat. “Launching a cannabis product line with a musical duo like the Bellamy Brothers is an exciting endeavor as they introduce 40 years of fans to their endorsed strains Reggae Cowboy by the Bellamy Brothers and Big Love by the Bellamy Brothers. We look forward to introducing the Old Hippie Stash product line to our Truliever community.”

The Bellamy Brothers recently captivated arena audiences across the country with their hits including “Let Your Love Flow” and “Redneck Girl” on Blake Shelton’s Friends and Heroes 2020 Tour with Lauren Alaina, Trace Adkins and John Anderson. Cameras continued to capture the legendary brothers on the road for their reality show Honky Tonk Ranch which airs Saturdays at 11:30 am EST on Circle Network.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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