The best football songs ever

Football songs are perfect for getting football fans in the mood for football, as well as feeling united as one front. It gives a morale boost no doubt, and if you are ever in the stadium and you all happen to be singing as one, let’s just say it really helps boost the football team’s energy and motivation for the game to commence. Occasionally they will be humorous and super cheesy, that is true, but that just makes fans love them all the more. Simplicity and common grounded morale is all football fans need!

You can always find that these songs will certainly boost your online betting site potential too, you could be on the verge of wagering on some odds, and you hear your favorite football song on the radio in the background. There will no longer be any shy away from destiny, as you have the emotional boost you need to pull through! That is why football songs are so loved. Below we have listed some of the best songs that we believe will have you dancing along in football spirit, in no time.

Ant and Dec: “We’re on the Ball”

While you may have forgotten this football song when it came out years ago, you will certainly not have forgotten Ant and Dec’s singing along to the tune within the music video. Coming out just before England played within the 2002 World Cup, the track is catchy and most definitely boosted and spurred on the entire England football team. Sure, we actually did not manage to win with or without this song, but with the Euro 2020 and the approaching Quarter Final for England, you never know they might actually be ‘on the ball’. Let’s just wait and see. We certainly will be playing this tune pending the great match to come!

Chas and Dave: “Hot Shot Tottenham”

Tottenham Hotspurs called upon their fans to bring out drums to help support them within the FA cup final back in 1987, and of course the local men did very much come through on the request. Local fans named Chas and Dave, managed to bring out a cockney number which was very much fantastic and super motivating for all. As catchy as it was however, the Spurs actually happened to lose out on a shocking 3-2 loss that day to Coventry City. While they did try, there was no doubt the Spurs really were appreciative of the morale boost they got from that. It is a super catchy tune still used today after all.

Baddiel and Skinner and Lightning Seeds: “Three Lions”

Any song that mentions Rimet, certainly should never be turned away. This song is funny due to having the duo David Baddiel and Frank Skinner in there, with the Lightning seeds. Together they managed to really bring a gift of a football song to the world. It is a song that is still used today and is chanted by all England fans all over the world. It is most certainly ‘Coming Home’. Anytime anyone attends a national football match, it is instinct now to say it is coming home. With the pessimistic force of the English fans all over, the song brings a glimmer of hope and enthusiasm each and every time England plays. The Ukraine match on Saturday will be one step closer for the Euros to come home. What do you think? Will we actually succeed this time?

Liverpool FC: “The Anfield Rap”

Next, we have the Anfield Rap, and let us just say, while it is popular with Liverpool fans, it is still hugely under appreciated. You will of course need to look past the shell suits which are so out of date and fashion, and kind of dodgy, the song is still a classic and despite its release in the 90s, fans still play this today. It shows that it very much is gold to the ears, and a true Liverpool fan will most certainly appreciate this one, no doubt at all.

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