Black Sabbath ‘farewell’, Korn celebrating 20th anniversary at Ozzfest Japan

Black Sabbath is set to make their “farewell” while Korn will celebrate its 20th anniversary at Ozzfest Japan in November 2015.

Ozzfest organizer and Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, made the announcement during a videotaped message released this weekend.

“Ozzfest will be back in Japan on November 21st and 22nd,” she states. “And this will be Black Sabbath’s farewell. We’re also announcing Korn, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Now you can’t miss that.”

Ozzy Osbourne confirmed to Metal Hammer magazine last fall that the band would convene to record one more album and do one final tour before calling it quits. “The whole Sabbath experience this time around was great. We all made friends, we didn’t fuck around, we all knew that we had a job to do, and we did it. It was a lot of fun. So we’re going to do one more album, and a final tour.”

Sabbath released 13 in 2012, the first album in 35 years to feature Ozzy Osbourne. Rick Rubin, who produced 13, is likely to return for the next project which Osbourne claims the group should begin writing sometime this year.

“It’ll be sooner rather than later. Obviously a lot of it is coming down to Tony’s [Iommi, guitar] health, he’s obviously got his cancer treatment, but we’ll get onto it next year. I don’t know if we’ll be writing in England or L.A., but I’ll fly to the fucking moon for it if I have to!”

“We’re going to do one more album, and a final tour.”

In 2012, Iommi revealed he had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and would have to return to England every six weeks for treatment during the band’s long-awaited return to the road.

Bassist and co-founder Geezer Butler predicted that the band’s last tour in support of 13 would probably be the band’s last due to age and health issues.

“I don’t know. I just got a feeling. It’s getting tough, it really is,” he states. “I can’t lie about that. I’m old now. It really is tough going on every night. You wake up next day, all the pains you never had before. I don’t want to go onstage for the sake of the money. You have to have a lot pride in yourself, and I honestly think I’m coming to the end of the top of my job.”

On November 26, 2013, the band released Black Sabbath: Live… Gathered At Their Masses that was recorded on April 30th and May 1, 2013 when the band kicked off their world tour in Melbourne, Australia.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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