Bobbie Morrone Trio fuses jazz, folk, funk, pop on EP

Artists such as the Bobbie Morrone Trio are difficult to categorize but what’s undeniable is their commitment to making good music, and that’s what you’ll hear on their The Best I Can Be EP. Featuring dosages of jazz, folk, funk with a little Americana-influenced pop, they make music that’s good for the soul.

The opening track “Make You Scream” has a soft, beautiful melody that fits nicely with the optimistic tone of the single, which describes Morrone’s yearning to be with the one he desires. “The Best I Can Be” is a rich, soulful track relatable to anyone who tries their damndest at whatever they set their mind too, but the strongest track is the acoustic “Long Way Down.”

Morrone doesn’t so much sing as much as he recites beautiful, poetic verses in which he expresses his desire for love but won’t force it down if she’s not ready. Perhaps it’s the return of the sensitive rockers, courtesy of the Bobbie Morrone Trio.


Author: Rob Perez

Rob Perez is a freelance writer who has been with The Music Universe early on. As a Correspondent for The Music Universe, you will find him writing reviews and live tweeting awards shows.