Bon Jovi reportedly sets ‘This House Is Not For Sale’ for March

This House Is Not For Sale will be the second post-Richie Sambora album

Bon Jovi has set March for its 14th studio album, This House Is Not For Sale, according to reports. The album will see the band going back to its roots, and to the original studio frontman Jon Bon Jovi recorded “Runaway” in 1982, the Power Station Studios in Manhattan.

“We were recording at different times and different rooms in the studio. That’s not happening anymore. We went back to the place where we cut ‘Runaway’ in 1982 – where I used to sweep the floor and fetch coffee. And, we did This House Is Not For Sale,” the 53 year old singer states.

Bon Jovi states that the band has evolved and will be different than more recent projects.

“The beauty of songwriting is taking some experience in your life and translating it into a feeling. We aren’t jaded. Musical styles come and go. I can’t pretend to do something just because it’s popular. We’re comfortable and confident in who we are – we’ve been around long enough,” says says Bon Jovi who claims there are “a lot more important things to say” than some of the tongue-in-cheek songs they’ve recorded.

The album will be the first complete album without original guitarist Richie Sambora who left abruptly in 2013. Last year’s Burning Bridges contractual obligation album featured a song co-written by Sambora with guitar work done by producer John Shanks.

Bon Jovi left its long time label, Universal Music, in 2015 and things have been quiet regarding a new label and distribution deal. New information will be released as it becomes available.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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