Bret Michaels talks new Poison song, 2020 tour

One or two new songs are planned

As Poison winds down its headlining Nothin’ But A Good Time Tour 2018 with Cheap Trick and Pop Evil this weekend, frontman Bret Michaels is talking about the band recording and touring again. It’s been since 2002 that Poison released Hollyweird, its most recent album of all new music, and 2007 since their Poison’d covers album. Michaels says the group is discussing recording a single or two and launching another tour together in 2020.

“I think one or two songs, singles route, one hundred thousand percent,” the singer tells Loudwire. “We’ve already written one song on the road that we’ve been jamming at soundcheck. It really sounds good — it’d a very modern song with a great feel and great hook. There’s a second one we’re working on too.”

Like many musicians these days, Michaels says the change in the way music is consumed plays a big factor on whether to record singles or albums.

“We used to go to the studio and track the song live. We’re not a band meant to think it through three thousand times. Go in and play it live, fix a couple things you need to fix, if you need to, and let the song come out with its over-the-top great rock feel and release it as a single,” he continues. “We could do that easily. I think we’ll have one [new single] for the next tour. Poison will take next year off and I’ll be out solo and then Poison [will hit the road] in 2020 with the new single.”

A few years back, bassist Bobby Dall was asked about a new Poison album during a time the band was dormant.

“I’m sure one day we’ll get in there and make another studio album,” he tells Backstage Axxess. “But currently, right now, I’m not going to commit that there is one. I don’t want to lead you on.”

Buddy Iahn
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