Bryan Deister gets dark and gritty with ‘Spines Of The Heart’

More than 20 tracks of funk, rock, emo, tech, industrial and jazz

Give Bryan Deister this, they don’t make albums this dark and gritty much anymore. I’ve read others make a bit of a comparison to Nine Inch Nails but where Trent Reznor was really dark and emo, Spines Of The Heart is more heartfelt. Heartfelt in that Bryan doesn’t need racy lyrics to spell out whatever demons he’s trying to convey to listeners. His screeching vocals and classically trained musical abilities does the best job of getting people’s attention.

This album is long, over 20 tracks, but it’s a good look at a promising artist who nicely blends plenty of funk, rock, emo, tech, industrial, even hints of jazz into an enjoyable listening tour. Sure, the album wouldn’t suffer (maybe even be better) with fewer cuts but each song is a little chapter in a story Bryan wants us to be a part of. But as far as the music goes, there just isn’t anything like this being done anymore and Bryan brings back this style of dark rock. It’s far from perfect but even imperfections can sound sweet.

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Rob Perez
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