The song appears on his new Right Place, Wrong Person album

RM of 21st century icons BTS RM unveils the music video for “Groin,” a B-side track from his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person, released on May 24th via BigHit Music.

Right Place, Wrong Person features 11 alternative-genre tracks all of which RM contributed to the lyrics to deliver candid expressions throughout. “Groin” stands out as the most raw and blatantly honest with a message directed to those one dislikes. The alternative hip-hop track flaunts an intriguing blend of rock sounds with an infectiously simple and addictive chorus.

Shot in London, the music video begins with a scene where the camera dimly captures the unsteady movement through a spiraling basement staircase, evoking an eerie feeling. Soon after the scene fades to black, the video reveals RM dressed in casual streetwear, yawning as if bored with his surroundings. As he delivers candid lyrics, the shots alternate between various dynamic angles, some half-covered by a mirror, revealing different facets of RM not directly seen through the camera lens. RM navigates the empty streets and tunnels of the city, capturing a low-key and gritty atmosphere that aligns with the track’s lyrics and message.

Having teamed up with artists from diverse backgrounds for various aspects of the album, the creative powerhouse continues to showcase his cutting-edge collaborations across all genres with the music video for “Groin.” The music video was directed by Japanese director Pennacky, who previously collaborated with RM on Balming Tiger’s 2022 music video for “Sexy Nukim” featuring RM. Pennacky was acknowledged for his contributions to shaping Japan’s independent music video scene with projects with numerous global J-pop artists including Gen Hoshino, Aimyon, and Atarashii Gakko!

RM will unveil additional music videos and a live performance video on May 30th, 31st, and June 10th KST for tracks from Right Place, Wrong Person. The album presents a raw and honest exploration of the creative powerhouse’s distinctive sensibility, aesthetics, and beliefs by delving into the relatable sensations and moments of feeling like a stranger, out of place.