Can the right casino music increase your chances of winning?

Is it possible to influence greater wins at the casino just by the right playlist? We investigate.

Ok, so you might scoff a little at the headline here. Music? Help you win at the casino? Get real. But no, hear me out. When you’re working out at the gym, or going for a run, can’t music amp you up and help push you to the end of your workout? Or how about if you’re in a bit of a dull mood and you’re in the car and your song comes on. Doesn’t that give you an instant perk up? Music has serious effects on us. There’s a reason why Adele has sold over a hundred million albums with her breakup tunes. We can all tap into that feeling of heartache and heartbreak that she so expertly conveys. And did you watch the Woodstock 99 docu on Netflix? When Limp Bizkit played Break Stuff, the crowd literally went ahead and started breaking (more) stuff. And when the Red Hot Chili Peppers closed out the event by covering Jimi Hendrix Fire,

it literally sparked a wash over fires all over the site, thanks to all those candles being handed out. Oh boy, lessons in what not to do were learned over the course of that particular concert experience.

Regardless, music has the ability to change people’s moods, attitudes, and even actions. So why should it be such an impossibility to believe that it could influence whether a player could perform better when playing casino games? Hey, is music actually a performance-enhancing drug?!

The music in casinos and casino games themselves

The playlist in casinos is designed to keep people playing for longer, not to try and influence them to win. The same goes with online casinos. It’s carefully crafted to enhance the experience.

Editor-in-Chief at NoDepositFan, Simon Li has had his fair share of experience in the realm of gaming:

‘Apart from quality content and its assurance, another passion I hold very dearly to my heart is online gambling itself. I’ve played so many slots and other casino games, it’s virtually impossible to count. However, what I can say with certainty is this: a game’s music is equally important to its theme, visuals and overall concept. It really sets the stage and influences a player’s gameplay. And not just in terms of how enjoyable it is, but also how well it’s played!’

Skill vs luck games

Of course, games where there is no element of skill, only luck, aren’t able to have wins influenced by a track list. Luck is luck. It might make you feel more confident and happy playing the game, but it’s not going to help you to accumulate more winnings.

However, if you’re playing a game that involves an element of skill – say, blackjack or poker – then you might find that you’re a better player when you hit the right playlist.

Your playlist is the key to your success

Is it possible to influence greater wins at the casino just by the right playlist? We investigate.

For some people, they might find that an all metal playlist will lead to a better result. The fast paced screams might be just what they need to amp up. For others, it might be a moody Billie Eilish that gets them in the mood. And if you’re playing a full poker tournament that goes for

hours on end and requires switching up strategies, then it might be different types of music or artists for different times of play.

However, it’s not like you are able to do this in person when you are playing often. Playing casino games with headphones in is generally a such sign that you are cheating and you’ll probably get booted from the table.

In online gaming though (or at least online casino play without your camera on), no one is there to tell you to take out your headphones. You can listen to whatever you please without fear of being called out. Hey, you can even get help from your friend who’s sitting next to you about what to call out and what moves to make – no one is watching.

Why not experiment and craft your own

If you’re just playing luck-based games feel free to use whatever playlist makes you happy. There’s going to be no influence either wavy on your wins or losses. But if you’re playing skill-based casino games online, why not do some experimentation with your tracklists to see if you get a better outcome? For true experimentation, you can even go all science-like on it, jotting down how you are playing along with what you are listening to at the time. Simple screen recording with your music player visible should do the trick. Good luck with your outcomes and may the music help you snare those wins.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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