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Discogs his 8 millionth mark with 326k contributors


Discogs celebrates an important milestone in reaching eight million releases via the sites 326,000 contributors over the weekend. Born in 2000, it has taken the world’s largest database of physical music 16 years to amass the dizzying collection of CDs, tapes and records with over one million added in the last eight months. With over 25,000 albums being added per week, Discogs continues to be the largest and fastest growing music site in the world.

“We hit five million releases in 2015, crazy to think we’ve halved the distance to ten million in just two years.”

“We hit five million releases in 2015, crazy to think we’ve halved the distance to ten million in just two years,” Ron Rich, Marketing Director at Discogs, tells Billboard. “Still, we hope to catalog all the music in the world and at eight million releases we’re really just getting started. As the community’s collection grows so does the database. It’s really thanks to the passion of our users that we have been able to catalog the world’s music. The real thanks belong to all the contributors out there that help give people access to music across the planet.”

Discogs is the user-built database of music. With a catalog of more than eight million recordings and 4.7 million artists, Discogs is the largest physical music database in the world. In addition, Discogs connects buyers and sellers across the globe. With more than ten million items available and thousands of sellers, this is the premier spot for new releases to hard to find gems.

TIDAL 2016 is the year of exclusives


This year musicians experimented, broke barriers and connected with their fans more intimately. The music industry evolved more than ever in 2016 and global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL was at the forefront. TIDAL provided artists with a platform to showcase their creativity and art without restrictions. Read more

AXS recognized as one of 500 fastest growing companies

AXS (pronounced “Access”), a leading ticketing and digital media platform has been recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte as part of their 2016 Technology Fast 500.

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Bret Michaels launches Emoji and lyric keyboard

On Wednesday December 21st, Bret Michaels, along with New York based developers Echelon Creative Inc., are set to launch a limited holiday edition first look at a game changing app: the Bret Michaels Emoji and lyric keyboard with ground breaking lyric-centric technology. The Bret Michaels Emoji and lyric keyboard will combine Michaels’ most famous lyrics, sayings and phrases from both his music and TV career, along with various illustrations of the singer sure to suit the users every emotion, turning their thoughts into Michaels’ best known lyrics and phrases.

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Freedrum – The drumkit that fits in your pocket

Drummers have a whole new world they get to look forward to — drumming on anything and everything and actually hearing it outside of their head! A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for Freedrum, a virtual drumkit that fits in your pocket and can be played anywhere.

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Koss wins users over with headphone volume control

Musicians and music lovers who want flexibility with their headphones have a different option: Koss’ VC20 heaphone control. The Koss VC20 headphone volume control helps listeners control the volume of their music with a convenient accessory. The VC20 is equipped with a clip on the backside of the control for quick and easy access.

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Avenged Sevenfold part of VR performance

On the evening of October 27th, multi-platinum rock band, Avenged Sevenfold, will give a global, 3D /360-degree, live-streamed virtual reality performance in partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment, Capitol Records and VRLIVE. Fans around the world will be able to view the live stream on UMG’s newly released VRTGO VR platform, powered by VRLIVE’s advanced technology, and experience Avenged Sevenfold’s electrifying set as if they were there for this first-of-its-kind immersive event. VRTGO is freely available on iOS and Android.

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Citi, Live Nation announce virtual reality concert series

Citi, Live Nation and NextVR have announced they are working together to produce a series of up to ten live virtual reality concerts as a new part of the “Backstage with Citi” initiative. This planned series will transport fans into an immersive VR experience with extraordinary access to some of the world’s biggest artists. In addition to watching select concerts live in VR, the plan is to bring fans “backstage” with the artists as they prepare to take the stage.

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Queen, Google Play team for The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience

Google Play and British rock legends Queen have teamed up to create The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience, a virtual reality experiment powered by groundbreaking immersive audio and interactive technologies that aim to push the boundaries of creative expression and evolve the way we experience entertainment. Soundtracked by a remixed 3D spatialized version of the quartet’s iconic hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” that reacts sonically to the user’s movements, the app gives users the opportunity to travel through an interactive visual narrative developed by VR pioneers Enosis VR along with a team of world-class animators and designers.

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Slacker Radio releases new interactive platform

Slacker Radio, a leading Internet radio service, has announced a new version of its application that gives top billing to Slacker’s exclusive original shows. With hundreds of episodes now available, Slacker is building an unrivaled archive of content that is based on interactive storytelling from its hosts and top artists.

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