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TMU Exclusive: Emily Cole hosts debut CD release party in Montgomery Texas

Fifteen year old Emily Cole isn’t your typical teenager growing up in Montgomery, Texas, about an hour north of Houston. The pop singer/songwriter, who has made quite a name for herself touring the Texas club and fair circuit, is preparing to host her first ever CD release party on Saturday, October 17th in nearby Montgomery, Texas. It’s then when she plans to reveal the entire album to family, friends and fans in attendance.

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Super73 — Let It Go (song review)


On their single “Let It Go,” Super73 have hit the alternative-rock nail squarely upon its head.

Chunky guitars abound in its radio-ready mix, along with emotion-packed vocals and some screaming, searing solos.   Read more

Darren Campbell — Thinking (song review)


“What do you do at night when you’re all alone and you’re locked inside your house? Are you thinking of me?”

“Thinking” — the first single off of singer-songwriter Darren Campbell’s debut EP Days to Come — is an affected, emotional tune of longing; a song that yearns to know just what an old flame is up to now. Read more

Lost Hollow soars with the release of self titled debut


When I first started listening to Lost Hollow, I immediately felt like I was visiting Scotland and Ireland. Reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and early Celtic music, Lost Hollow soars with the release of their self titled debut available now on iTunes.

You may or may not have heard of them.  They are an indie folk act from Nashville, TN.  In fact, Lost Hollow is made up of husband and wife duo, Tommy and Lorrie Harden.  Tommy is best known as a first call studio musician in Nashville and current touring drummer for country superstar Reba McEntire.  Lorrie was a stay at home mom to six kids before reviving her love of music through singing and songwriting.

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