On October 4th, the streets of Silver Spring, MD were crowded with country boys and girls awaiting the arrival of Chase Rice. Rice has had a lot of success lately, especially with a song he co-wrote titled “Cruise” that duo Florida Georgia Line recorded. Rice is fresh on the scene, and believe me when I tell you, he is anything but ordinary.

Opening act Sam Hunt took the stage first. Hunt is originally from Georgia, however, he claims Nashville as his home. He’s had major success with songwriting. A few cut’s include Kenny Chesney’s “Come Over” and Keith Urban’s “Cop Car.” He has his own style. One that I’ve never seen before. On the outside, he doesn’t seem country at all. However, one of my top moments from the show was when he dedicated about five minutes to classic country. Hunt sang short versions of songs like “Dust On The Bottle” by David Lee Murphy and other tracks dated back to when he was growing up. His voice is authentic and his style is distinctive. I wouldn’t define his music as country, it has more of a pop type sound to it. His performance was great and his songs were outstanding. There is no doubt, Sam Hunt is overflowing with talent.

Rice came out ready to rock. He performed “I Like Drinkin'” and everyone sang along. Rice is favored by the females and most of them seemed to know every song. He had a red Solo Cup in his hand for most of his set. It’s obvious, he likes to have a good time. He had this massive amount of energy on stage and connected very well with his fans, and even sang a short version of Luke Bryan’s “Drunk On You” and covered a Nelly song. One of the best moments for me was when he performed “Jack Daniels & Jesus.” The song is so inspiring and just raw and the acoustic version was genius. The song is enough to give you chills, which means Rice is doing something right.

Rice also performed one of his favorite songs of all time, “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. I thought it was a nice bonus. I also enjoyed hearing him perform his song “Only A Country Girl Can.” Another nice little bonus was when his tour manager came out to perform a couple hip hop songs. They jumped around stage doing Lil Jon “Get Low.” Usually, this would be a problem for me, however, it was kind of enjoyable. They were very entertaining and Rice’s tour manager seemed very talented.

Rice ended his set with “Cruise.” From beginning to end, Rice’s performance was impressive. Chase Rice has the ability to be a top male artist in the country music world, it’s just a matter of time.

Rice will release his new six track EP, Ready Set Roll on October 15th.