Chewed gum by Yungblud made into luxury jewelry

Star teams with 5 Gum & Greg Yuna for “Masterpieces” campaign

One of Mars’ most exhilarating and adventurous brands, 5 Gum, has announced its “Masterpieces” campaign in collaboration with musician and Gen Z icon, Yungblud, and prominent New York City luxury jeweler and artist, Greg Yuna. The campaign brings to life across multiple touch points the brand’s purpose: to encourage people to embrace the thrill of taking a chance, pushing the limits of their craft, and doing what makes them feel alive.

At the center of the new campaign is the “Masterpieces” collection, a set of 15 custom luxury necklaces designed and crafted by Yuna using pieces of Cobalt Peppermint 5 Gum that were chewed by Yungblud as part of his pre-concert ritual during his 5 Gum-sponsored US album release tour last month. Leaning into the brand’s namesake of stimulating all five senses, Yungblud chewed a piece of 5 Gum before hitting the stage at each show throughout his tour, capturing the anticipation and exhilaration felt moments before doing something life-changing.

After his electrifying concerts, a total of 15 pieces of the iconic bright blue 5 Gum were collected and sent to Yuna to handcraft into 15 collectible necklaces, each representing the thrill felt by both Yungblud and his fans before, during and after each performance, as well as by Yuna when ideating and creating such fascinating pieces of jewelry.

“I love these jewelry pieces that Greg Yuna created. His work is next level and the fact that some of my fans will have the chance to own a little piece of history is amazing,” shares Yungblud. “I loved this tour with 5 Gum and I couldn’t think of a better way to have celebrated the release of my album than by hitting as many cities in the US as I could and seeing as many of my fans as possible. Playing these new songs for the first time in these beautiful record stores was an experience I’ll never forget.”

No two necklaces of the 15-piece collection are the same. Each one features a piece of chewed cobalt blue gum in its original shape as the center piece, encased in Lucite. White diamonds and a charm engraved with the 5 Gum logo and Yuna’s signature stamp surround the gum pendant, which hangs on a 14K white gold chain. Each of the necklaces will be encased in a custom-designed 5 Gum jewelry box, featuring an exterior inscription noting the edition number of that specific “Masterpiece” within the larger collection. The jewelry will also come with a certificate of authentication and a pack of the limited edition Cobalt Peppermint 5 Gum featuring Yungblud’s name and image.

“Creating slightly shocking luxury jewelry pieces out of an everyday item such as gum is something that has never been done before in the industry, so I loved stepping into the unknown and challenging myself to create pieces that were equally as exhilarating as Yungblud and 5 Gum,” states Greg Yuna. “Experiences that heighten your sense is the new luxury, and I’m incredibly proud of both this partnership with 5 gum and the final jewelry pieces. As fans will see, they truly embody self-expression, passion and boldness, which is what I’m all about.”

Through October 26th, fans worldwide can bid on 5 Gum’s Masterpieces collection on eBay. Bidding starts at $5 and all proceeds from the sale of each Masterpiece will benefit the National Independent Venue Foundation (NIVF) to further its mission to preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues, promoters, festivals, and cultural hubs of local communities across the United States.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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