Choosing the right music for online casino

Music affects not only human physiology. According to experts, music plays an important role in creating a special atmosphere in gambling establishments, and most players go there to enjoy this atmosphere. Even in the very first casinos, which were opened in the south of Italy for meetings of noble gamblers, there was always music. Invited street musicians played simple songs so that the guests would not be bored. In this article, we will make a small overview of the reasons why it is essential to choose the right music for an online casino.

Music for Gambling: How Do Casinos Choose It?

It has long been known that music can affect the mood and some processes of the human body. But few people know how serious this influence is. Both online casino streamers and regular gamblers have their musical preferences, which reflect their inner world, lifestyle, and thinking. Slot streamers often say that land-based and online casinos often use music to manipulate customers’ behavior. That is why, when you watch the best slot streamers on Twitch, you can always hear the sounds, which can either irritate you or cheer you up, unless this online casino live stream has overdubbed music. For example, when playing slots or watching slot streaming, you can hear the following types of music:

  • Сheering – This is usually energetic and active music, which entertains you and cheers you up;
  • Irritating – This variety of music is usually perceived by players as a disadvantage, but, in fact, it helps to focus on the game and cheer yourself up;
  • Relaxing – Sometimes, gambling can make you tired, especially if you focus on the process a lot. Relaxing music can help you leave your bad thoughts behind;
  • Encouraging – Some players need special incentives to bet real money. To stimulate them to take the first step, casinos use this variety of music.

In fact, one can come up with dozens of music varieties used in online casinos. Tracks for world casino brands are usually selected by certified psychologists or written to order. The compositions are picked to sound as unobtrusively as possible and, on the contrary, to reveal the client’s interest in the institution.

Playlists for Gambling

Many gamblers put some music on when playing gambling games. If you are a Craps fan, you may especially like energizing and encouraging tracks. For example, your personal playlist may look like this:

  • Pharrell Williams – “Happy”
  • Robbie Williams – “Candy”
  • Kungs and Cookin’ On 3 Burners – “This Girl”
  • Clean Bandit and Topic Feat Wes Nelson – “Drive”
  • Merk and Kremont – “Sad Story”

Before you start playing blackjack you can listen to almost everything, but we especially like The Rolling Stones, Depeche Mode, and Stevie Wonder. The music of these “titans” of the industry is perfect for gambling.

Make your own gambling playlist to cheer you up or relax during the gaming session. And don’t forget to share your playlist with us in the comments!

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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