Cole Swindell, Easton Corbin perform acoustically in Gettysburg

On Sunday, November 17th, the small town of Gettysburg, PA was a little more crowded than usual. Restaurants were filled, lines were long and everyone was ready for some country music.

Even though the Majestic Theatre is a small venue and the perfect place for an acoustic country show, Cole Swindell performed as if it were broadcast for the world to see. Just a small town Georgia boy, who used to be Luke Bryan’s merchandise man! Although that may be true, Swindell will never have to go back to selling t-shirts ever again. Most folks know him from his newly single “Chillin’ It” but before the song became a hit, he was writing for some of the most well known country artists today.

Swindell opened up the show with a tune called “Brought To You By Beer” which was catchy. His vocals were excellent and his stage presence outstanding. He talked about his songwriting and shared a few songs he had written for other artists such as “Water Tower Town” which was on Scotty McCreery’s debut album. He also performed “Outta My Head” which became a hit via Craig Campbell.

Cole sang each song with passion, dedication and style. My favorite part of his set was a song called “You Ain’t Worth The Whiskey.” In that moment, I caught a glimpse of his amazing songwriting abilities. Most people sing about how whiskey cures heartache and drowns memories, but Swindell put a whole new spin on that. The song has been stuck in my head since.

“His vocals were excellent and his stage presence outstanding.”

Anytime you can perform an acoustic set and still have amazing stage presence and determination, you are a true artist. Cole Swindell is nothing short of pure musical genius.

Easton Corbin was next to take the stage. Corbin has a voice that is authentic and unique and let’s face it, he isn’t bad to look at either.

The crowd was not very lively! Even though the show was acoustic, I felt the crowd was a buzz kill. I also felt Corbin’s performance was average. It was manufactured, like he was going through the motions. When you have a passion for music the way I do, you notice little things like that. He performed his number one hit’s such as “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It.”

There was a moment where I saw that love and fire for country music awaken in him. He sang a song he wrote titled, “This Far From Memphis” which was unbelievable. It was beautifully written as his vocals were incredible and he had a sparkle in his eyes.

One of the thing’s I adore about Corbin is that while other artists are on stage singing pop covers or hip hop covers, Easton is singing Hank William, Jr. covers such as “Old Habits.” He shows a tremendous amount of respect for country music and I admire that about him.

Another high moment for me was when he sang “Tulsa Texas.” Once again, he performed it so well. However, there was still something missing from Corbin’s performance. I felt like I was watching a man fall out of love with a woman. The fire and passion for what he does was lacking. A few glimpes of that was all I was able to see. However, there is no denying that Easton Corbin is a great songwriter and singer. I left the show having a few new favorite songs.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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