Coty, Katy Perry introduce new fragrance with Kik campaign

Coty, a leading global beauty company, introduces Katy Perry’s Mad Love – the new, playfully sexy, fruity fragrance from Katy Perry Parfums – to Kik users with a unique campaign conceived by chat app marketing agency Block Party. Users can now exchange their Kik Points for a bottle of Katy Perry’s Mad Love eau de parfum, delivered to their homes. Kik Points is a rewards program where users can earn points by completing activities on Kik, such as watching a video or downloading a sticker pack. Users can redeem points for goods like smileys, and in this case, Katy Perry’s Mad Love eau de parfum. This marks the first time that consumers can redeem rewards program points for a physical product in a U.S. chat app.

Kik has more than 300 million registered users and is extremely popular with U.S. teens. The Kik Points program is particularly appealing to this demographic.

“Katy Perry’s fans and core consumers use social media and smartphones for everything; it’s how they communicate with the world. With each fragrance launch, our goal is to reach consumers where they are most active; that is why we are pleased to partner with the popular global messenger app Kik to promote Katy Perry’s Mad Love, the latest fragrance from Katy Perry,” said Kristin Spinn, Coty, Senior Director Global Marketing. “It’s a way for the brand to maximize engagement and reward young consumers for spreading awareness. Our core demographic lives in the tech world, so we are always challenging ourselves to find new opportunities and innovative ways for them to experience fragrance.”

“Kik is giving a new form of buying power to teens that may not have credit cards, and Katy Perry’s Mad Love is the perfect product for the audience.”

“Kik is giving a new form of buying power to teens that may not have credit cards, and Katy Perry’s Mad Love is the perfect product for the audience. Our goal was to combine the most powerful opportunities unique to chat apps — chatbots, stickers, and e-commerce — and to give fans something fun to share with friends,” noted Eytan Oren, Block Party, CEO.

Kik users can also chat with Maddie, one of the stars of the Katy Perry’s Mad Love ad campaign, take the “Which Katy Perry Song Are You?” quiz and enter a contest to win one of five bottles of Katy Perry’s Mad Love eau de parfum, signed by Perry. They can also download a pack of nine Katy Perry’s Mad Love stickers to use in their chats.

Katy Perry’s talent, beauty and enigmatic personality are the driving forces behind the success of her fragrances. Killer Queen, her first fragrance with Coty, launched in 2013 to instant acclaim. Her fragrance portfolio also includes Killer Queen’s Royal Revolution, Katy Perry’s Mad Potion, Purr by Katy Perry and Meow by Katy Perry.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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