Curb Records sues Tim McGraw, Big Machine for copyright infringement

This is the second suit the label has filed against McGraw

Tim McGraw’s former record label, Curb Records, has filed a new lawsuit against the singer and his new label, Big Machine Records, in U.S. District Court for alleged copyright infringement. The City Paper reports that on Monday (April 29th), a suit was filed arguing the songs on McGraw’s latest album, Two Lanes Of Freedom released by Big Machine Records in February 2013, belongs to them.  The suit states that McGraw was still under contract with Curb whenever those songs were recorded.

Curb is asking the federal court to determine that Two Lanes Of Freedom belongs to them. The suit is also asking that McGraw produce a sixth album for the label due to a 2001 settlement regarding “Greatest Hits” albums that weren’t fulfilled. Curb is also asking for punitive and compensatory damages as well as seeking an injunction to prevent McGraw from recording material until he fulfills the Curb Records contract.

The lawsuit stems from a previous two year breach-of-contract battle between Curb and McGraw surrounding the singer’s Emotional Traffic album that McGraw states was his fifth and final album for the label, but Curb argued the material was recorded before the 12-18 month time frame between albums to quickly fulfill his contract obligations. In September 2012, Curb Records lost that suit when a Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld a 2011 Chancery Court decision to deny Curb Records’s request for an injunction to bar McGraw from recording for another record label after McGraw signed with Big Machine Records in May 2012.

McGraw claimed during the previous lawsuit that Curb acted in bad faith by releasing numerous greatest hits compilations to prolong his time with the label he had been with for 20 years.

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