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Deep in the Vault: ‘Queen: Days Of Our Lives’ documentary

In 1970, rock and roll thanks to Queen, became much more colorful, grander, tongue in cheek, operatic, and theatrical minus the vast and expensive stage props, and capturing the audience strictly with the music. In the two-part documentary Queen: Days Of Our Lives, Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor recount the early days of Queen, they’re struggle to receive critical acceptance in the 70’s, to their triumphant performance at Live Aid. With plenty of rare raw footage of Queen working in the studio, outtakes, performances, and plenty of rarely seen interviews with Freddie Mercury, Queen: Days Of Our Lives is the definitive documentary of one of rock and roll’s greatest band. There’s even rare footage of Queen bassist John Deacon actually talking, being very candid in rare interviews.

May and Taylor go into detail over the recording process of such Queen gems as “Seven Seas of Rhye,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” explaining how the band recorded the song in six separate studios. While “Bohemian Rhapsody” would go on to become a timeless Queen classic, Mercury explains that their follow-up “Somebody To Love” was from a songwriter perspective, a much better song and which years later, true Queen aficionados would also come to agree.

After their incredible performance at Live Aid which was without a doubt one of the greatest musical performances ever on television, the documentary then goes into the band’s final days when the band would all work very collaboratively on their next album. But with AIDS taken a toll on Freddie the band knew Queen was in its final leg. Still, the band managed to produce an incredibly phenomenal, very Queen album Innuendo. Allmusic wrote in its initial review, “Innuendo was a fitting way to end one of rock’s most successful careers.”

Focusing strictly on the music and career of one rock music’s most overlooked bands during their run to now being one of the most revered bands, Queen: Days Of Our Lives is the most fitting way to tell the story of these Rock and Roll Hall of Famers.

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