Discogs surpasses 13 million releases

Site contains world’s foremost database of music

Discogs, the world’s foremost Database, Marketplace, and Community for physical music, has surpassed a significant data milestone with the addition of the 13 millionth release to the Discogs Database. The climb to 13 million took only eight months since the Contributor Community added the 12 millionth release to Discogs, to put that in context, the first million releases took 7.5 years.

More than 539,000 Contributors continue the nearly 20 year mission to create the most comprehensive music Database and Marketplace in the world. Currently, Discogs has over 56 million releases for sale through the Discogs Marketplace, creating a massive impact on the global music industry powered by the most extensive user-built, open-source database.

“The Database growth over the past eight months has been incredible and we owe it entirely to our Discogs Contributors who believe in the mission of cataloging the world’s music,” states Discogs’ Chief Discography and Data Officer, Nik Kinloch. “The Database would be absolutely nothing without their diligent work and relentless digging over the past 20 years. We hope the Database is a source of both comfort and knowledge during this extremely odd time. We look forward to 14 million!”

Discogs has witnessed a massive increase in vinyl sales. Over 5.8 million records were sold between January and June 2020, which is up 33.73% compared to the same period in 2019, according to their recently released 2020 Mid-Year Report. Discogs saw a 41.1% increase in orders for the first Record Store Day drop, with a stunning 78,680 vinyl records sold, up 47.12% from 2019.

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