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EDM-inspired line of clothing released

The line supports upcoming and undiscovered EDM artists

Daft Trunk, a take on the popular EDM duo Daft Punk, is launching a line of festival wear that supports up and coming artists in electronic dance music (EDM). Twenty percent of its fashion range will be invested into a Future Creator’s Fund, providing financial assistance to aspiring artists in EDM.

Made for festival-goers, clubbers and the fashion-forward, the playful range offers tanks, t-shirts, crop-tops and leggings. Prints are inspired by jungle animals and free-spirited themes; from mermaid leggings and elephant t-shirts to full outfits like an electric blue zebra crop top with matching leggings.

Made with dancing in mind, clothes are made from lightweight fabric — one hundred percent polyester — and bright colors that jump like you do when the beat drops! The range is available from $49.99, in sizes XS to 2XL at dafttrunk.com.

“We’re very excited to launch the first apparel made for clubbers – that benefits clubbers With the overwhelming number of platforms sharing music, it’s hard for fans to find remarkable new artists to follow that don’t yet have the support of a label. As lovers of EDM, it’s important we all help new artists break through and cut through the noise, so to speak,” states Daft Trunk co-founder Joe Campo.

The Future Creator’s Fund will be released at the end of this summer, where aspiring artists who wish to study music can apply for a grant. It’s open to all US residents looking to further their studies in EDM – whether they’re bedroom producers, DJs, local musicians or singers.

Daft Trunk also helps promote new music by inviting artists to upload their productions, with the best tracks shared to a wide audience through its newsletter. It’s open to all genres and sub genres of electronic music including chill, dubstep, techno and trap.

Daft Trunk is the brainchild of Joe Campo – an electronic music aficionado. Unable to study electronic music due to a lack of available grants, Campo did as many others and took a different direction in his education. Eventually, he returned to his original passion, pledging to help fledgling talent. In 2017 Daft Trunk was launched, creating a fund for students wishing to pursue a career in EDM, that need financial assistance to fulfill their dreams.

The Daft Trunk collection continues to expand, with accessories and DJ limited editions launching soon.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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