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Eight must-have guitar accessories for every guitarist

Owning a guitar is super exciting, regardless of how old you are – it’s a fun instrument to have around. But a common misconception about guitars is that you can just buy them from a store and that’s it – you can just start your guitar playing journey! Whilst it might seem self-explanatory and easy, a lot of people look past the details that truly make or break the whole experience, the guitar itself is a large part of it but so are the added details that help out and make your guitar the instrument it truly is. So here are 8 must-have guitar accessories for every guitarist!

1. Strings

When you think about a guitar, what’s the first thing you think of? Regardless of what kind of guitar you imagine, it probably had some sort of strings, right? Well, strings are of high priority to every guitarist – they need to have it in stock, up and ready as soon as the strings on their guitar breaks, it’s time for new ones, But before really jumping in, it’s important to state that there are lots of different kinds of strings out there made from different materials, for a variety of guitar types and purposes. Make sure you get the right one that suits your guitar first!

2. Pedals

If you are really into music, you might have noticed certain guitarists and performers use a pedal of some sort but have you wondered what it’s for? Creators from The Sound Junky explained that pedals are devices used by guitarists to create different kinds of sound by altering the initial music from the instrument. This can give your songs a distinct and unique sound, making them totally new – pedals are certainly for those who like to experiment and make bold statements! There are multiple settings and options, so it all depends on what kind of tune you are going for!

3. Cables

Cables are essential if you own an electric guitar, you basically won’t be able to use it without them. Cable helps you connect the electric guitar with the guitar amplifier or speaker in order to noise and get the typical electric sound! Cables, unfortunately, get lost and tossed all the time due to their fragile state, so keeping a pair or tho around is the best thing you can do. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, you never know when you’ll need them!

4. Tuners

Another pretty technical item for every guitarist is a guitar tuner! It’s extremely important to tune your guitar however you can, but having a device do the job, sure does make things easier! It all depends on what type of guitar you are playing, but with both electric and acoustic guitars, the role of a tuner is to measure the frequencies of their strings, making sure that they are hitting the right notes. It’s pretty common for guitars to get out of tune and it can be corrected in no time, and keeping a guitar tuner nearby is a good thing in these situations!

5. Guitar Straps

Guitars have evolved a lot when it comes to their looks – people enjoy coloring them in different colors, drawing on them, outfitting on stickers – but there is another aesthetically pleasing, yet practical thing you need, and that is a strap for your guitar! It can be a simple, monochromatic, leather belt or it can be something flashy and colorful – regardless, you need to have a good balance between the quality of the strap and the aesthetic aspects of it, at the end of the day you need something sturdy to hold the guitar!

6. Picks

Picks are an intricate subject to a lot of people, as some prefer to play the guitar without them, whilst others can’t seem to do so without having it. There is a good reason why picks are important and well used – it’s practical, and you get to rest your poor fingers after shredding the strings without any protection. This small, oftentimes plastic object, makes such a large factor in playability and the overall sound of the guitar, not to mention the functional and practical side of things. And you should totally keep a few in your stash, because you’ll probably lose a few along the day – one of the downsides of being so tiny, whilst the good aspect is you can just carry some in your pocket!

7. Guitar Bag

Owning a guitar is a privilege and it comes with certain responsibility! If you want to keep your guitar in the best possible condition, even if you are not going anywhere with it, it;s a good idea to invest in a bag for your guitar. There are two types of guitar bags, the hard case one whilst the other one is a so-called gig bag. The first one is more sturdy, perfect if you plan on traveling, but both are pretty useful on a day-to-day basis, getting one is a total must in the long run!

8. Guitar Stand

What’s the point of owning a guitar if you can’t flaunt it to anyone who walks into your home! Guitar stands are a perfect little, yet practical item that should be owned by every guitarist. Regardless if you are performing your music on a stage, or just in your living room, it’s important to have a plan where to place that same group of friends later on. Having removable guitar stands is a perfect way to have your beloved guitar on display for everyone whilst giving you a break!

At the end of the day, owning a guitar is fun on its own, but making it reach its potential should be your first priority. Be as educated and intellectual on the matter and get all the right items that are needed for smooth, music-making! It can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are just starting, there are so many small hints and details that simply make the whole experience! But once you get the hang of them and learn about these accessories, you’ll be able to pick and choose whatever you like and boost your guitar as much as possible in the meantime!