Eight ways to make a killer music video without breaking the bank

If you are in the music industry, you will probably know the challenges of the journey as an artist. Although a career in the domain appears glamorous, beginners have a long road to traverse. Money struggles are a reality for beginners, and promotion is the most daunting task. Besides running campaigns, music videos can help you build recognition and reach. After all, even the best tracks may fail to connect with fans unless they have visual versions.

But the sad part is that you may not have enough funds to invest in professional videos. Fortunately, you can take a DIY approach and create your own music videos as a beginner. You may even do it as an established artist once you master the craft. The best thing is that you can save money and use your own creativity to make the perfect content for your songs. Let us share a few actionable DIY hacks to make a killer music video without breaking the bank.

Stick with the DIY style

The best piece of advice is to stick with the DIY style instead of replicating professional videos. You may want to chase the visual aesthetic and the big budget look for your song. But it is the worst mistake you can make. After all, the mindset goes against the basic concept of DIY filming. You may end up cutting corners with a low budget, which does more harm than good. Sticking with an authentic style is a better option because it enables you to connect with the audience and invoke their emotions. Of course, you can look at popular artists from visual inspiration but stick with your style.

Focus on simplicity

Simplicity can be a game-changer for DIY music videos, specifically when you want to make them on a low budget. Avoid picking a complicated concept or having unrealistic ambitions because they can ruin the end products. Be creative and realistic with your expectations when working without professional help. Having a strong concept or visual idea from the outset puts you in a good place. Also, avoid including too many elements, locations, and transitions in the content.

Decide on your camera

Although you need not spend a fortune on DIY equipment, you must have the basics to film an impressive music video. A DSLR camera is always better than a smartphone, but you can manage with an iPhone. Remember that the cost and features of your device are not the only things deciding your video’s quality. You must have a steady hand and knowledge of lighting and angles to shoot a good one. Creativity can take you a step ahead when it comes to shooting your videos without pro help.

Look for a dependable editing tool

Another measure to create a compelling DIY music video without breaking the bank is by editing it yourself. Editing costs can increase your expenses quickly. Moreover, it can also add to the post-production time. Fortunately, tools like Movavi Video Editor can help DIY enthusiasts to fix their content without professional help. You can leverage features like noise removal, filters, and transitions to enhance the original content. A little effort is all you need to make to create an incredible product on a surprisingly low budget.

Shoot short-form content

Short-form content is ideal for DIYers looking to create music videos on a low budget. Besides simplifying your work, short-form videos are more engaging. So they are often better for new artists with few followers. You can easily build an audience with 15- second videos instead of longer footage when people do not recognize you initially. Following the consumption habits of your target audience is the best way to decide on the length of your content. You can achieve more with multiple short videos instead of releasing a new single as a beginner in the industry. It helps you build up momentum on social media initially so you can launch in a big way eventually.

Try shooting in one take

Shooting videos in one take us another great way to create them on a budget. You need to spend time and money to prepare for the shoot, so a greater number of sessions may increase the overall costs. Moreover, breaking the video into multiple sessions complicates the editing part. Executing a flawless one-shot video can help you do the trick. You can save a fortune on shooting prep. Additionally, the editing part is easy as you only need to do some color correction and sync up the video with the track. You do not have to stress about working on loads of footage and multiple camera angles. A few hours of work is enough to wrap up the edits.

Use family and friends

Hiring a crew for your music video can burn a hole in your wallet. You may also need people to play the audience while creating a concert video. Consider seeking help from friends and family because they will be more than happy to do it voluntarily. Likewise, you may ask your fans to do the favor. Since the pandemic, artists have had a greater fan connection through social media, so asking for their assistance adds an authentic touch to the content and strengthens your connections with your fans and followers for the long haul. The best thing is that people you know can add real feelings by showing happiness and love for your art.

Transform your living space

Besides using people you know as actors in your DIY video, you can transform your living space to work as the venue. It enables you to save big on location rent for the shoot and is far more convenient when it comes to shooting timelines. Moreover, you feel more comfortable and have better control over visual aesthetics in a familiar place. The best part is that you can reuse it in the upcoming videos to bring consistency to your promotional plan. Just be a little creative with props and backgrounds to get the best shots.

Creating a DIY music video can be a breeze, provided you are creative and resourceful. You can follow these tips to master the technique and make the best content without stepping over your budget.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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