Elliphant resets ‘Time Machine’ to simpler times

Song is available digitally

One could say “Time Machine,” the new single from Elliphant from her upcoming album, is like going back on a time machine. It has a very 80’s sound musically while vocally, it’s got a 90’s nostalgia, girl power sound. But thematically, the song is about the good old days when you can look back on with joy with the friends you have made, not expressing regret. Elli even boldly declares, “I would do it all again.”

In “Time Machine,” Elli harkens back to simpler times, especially at a time when we’re all thinking about simpler times (such as February), but it does briefly put a little joy in these dark times. There’s no reason “Time Machine” couldn’t become a pop radio staple until the next pop radio staple is released. But we’re all anxiously awaiting the moment when “Time Machine” hits airwaves with a punch of remembrance and good feelings.


Rob Perez
Rob Perez

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