Episode 165 with TNT’s Ronni Le Tekrø

TNT guitarist teams with Ledfoot for second album

Ronni Le Tekrø is a Norwegian guitarist best known for playing with the Norwegian hard rock band TNT and as a solo guitarist cooperating with guitarists like Terje Rypdal, Mads Eriksen and Ledfoot. LeTekrø was born in Oslo but moved to Raufoss at a young age, and has lived there all his life except for the period between 1982 and 1985, when he lived in Trondheim. With TNT he has sold between four to five million albums worldwide.

Le Tekrø plays with an extremely accomplished technique. One of the big differences in his playing is that his guitar solos are usually a separate melody which can actually be hummed, similar to Neil Schon’s solos in Journey songs. He also has the technical ability to play fast with his “machine gun technique, but he does so sparingly. Zakk Wylde is one of the more outspoken fans of Ronni.

Le Tekrø has once again teamed with Ledfoot (aka Tim Scott McConnell) for their second album together, Limited Edition Lava Lamp, due March 24th via TBC Records. It’s the sequel to the critically acclaimed A Death Divine album from 2021, and will be available on limited edition 180-gram vinyl in a gatefold lava lamp color.

The album was produced by veteran and Americana connoisseur HP Gundersen with mastering master Winter Lazerus (Donald Fagen, Michael Jackson, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd), and they have brought along a solid, to put it mildly, group of musicians, including Anders Odden (bass: Order, Cadaver, Magenta, Satyricon), Markus O Klyve (keyboards: Ronni Le Tekrø, Exit), Trond Augland (drums: Hellbillies, Vidar Busk), and HP Gundersen (guitars and keyboards). With HP Gundersen at the helm, the musical expression has changed. The songs are more accessible and will reach a wider audience than its predecessor.

The actual recording was done during eight magical days at Le Tekrø’s Studio Studio Nyhagen, and the result testifies to some very inspired days, the songs are in a sort of American soundscape, and move uncomplicatedly between references to everything from the Beatles to David Bowie, The White Stripes and a whole host of other greats.

Le Tekrø and I chat about the project, as well as what’s ahead for TNT, including new music from the 80s band.

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