Bandy is a country music traditionalist

Moe Bandy is a country music legend of the traditionalist variety who has accomplished a lot during his 40+ year career. He’s had ten No. 1 songs, 40 Top Ten hits, five gold records and numerous ACM and CMA Awards.

Bandy started his recording career while he was a sheet metal worker in San Antonio, Texas, but traded sheet metal for gold albums after a decade of hard labor. His traditional sound came along during the mid-70’s when the country pop sound of Kenny Rogers and John Denver, and the outlaw sound of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson were all the rage.

Bandy is back with A Love Like That today (Fri, August 28th) that delivers true-to-the-bone traditional country music that fans expect from “Bandy the Rodeo Clown.” The eleven track project was produced by acclaimed Grand Ole Opry musician, the late Jimmy Capps, who’s worked with George Jones, George Strait, Ray Charles and Tammy Wynette. Capps and Bandy completed the album prior to his passing earlier this year.

Matt Bailey had a chance to chat with Bandy back in July. We wanted to share this episode as the album is released so fans have some behind-the-scenes incite about how the project was born and what it was like working with Capps.

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