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Equipment necessary for anyone wishing to be a noticed DJ

If you want to make a count on the number of DJs available right now in your city and even the work at large, you will surely lose count. The simple reason is there are so many people in this profession. So, in a bid to try to stand out and be noticed without controversies like Marshmallow or Calvin Harris, you will need to invest in specific equipment. This doesn’t mean you will have to break a bank to purchase them, but knowing the right equipment you need now that will sell you is just what this article outlines.

Turntables and Controller

As a practicing DJ already, you sure do have turntables and a controller, but if you want to stand out, these two should also do so. If you purchase a sophisticated controller like a pioneer or MI-DI, they will come padded, and that means the sound produced will be well controlled. Also, the velocity keys are high, and this is great for making music. Plus, the sequences that are embedded in it will contribute to the successful production of great music.

Mixer and Speaker

What mixer are you currently using? If your mixer does not have a significant number of built in-effects such that brands like Behringer or Pioneer, you might want to consider upgrading it. DJ speakers are incredibly important as well as you need your sound to be top-notch so your audience can have an amazing experience. The more you move out of the conventional speakers every DJ you can find is using, it will be easier to scale up and get noticed.


The act of beat matching as a DJ is crucial every DJ seems to be aware of. But, how about using software that keeps the rhythm steady such that everyone on the dance floor stays dancing for a long time. The software you should settle for should mix tracks seamlessly and work well with the operating system. If you have to take tutorials to be familiar with different software to produce a different beat, it is wise to do so.


When it comes to getting a headphone that cancels out every form of noise, it should not be negotiable. Again, because you know you have to spend extra time trying to plan your mix, you would want to settle for a sweat-proof headphone that doesn’t discourage you. If you already have a headphone with these features and is light-weighted, you might not need to get another one. But if not, changing it will help you work for a long time and be good at what you do enough to be noticed.


Having bought all the equipment that helps produce good music as a DJ, don’t leave out the camera you will use for streaming. After making a good mix, it will be useless not to put it out there for the world to see. Hence, getting a good camera that will record every sound without distortion will help promote your brand.

So, here you go, all the equipment that every DJ longing to be noticed and appreciated needs to get. Remember, as you embark on purchasing or upgrading any of the equipment, invest in quality, not just attempt to change it. Start making good music already.