Exclusive: 2Steel Girls release new single, video

Country-rock duo, 2Steel Girls, made up of mother Allison Steel and daughter Krystal Steel, have a new single and video that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide. You may remember them as contestants on season three of NBC The Voice where they landed a spot on Team Blake in 2012. After a fan craze to release their first single on TV, The Today Show called and the pair released “Train Wreck” on the morning show in May 2013, with the Train Wreck album in August 2013, independently selling over 10,000 copies to date.

With nearly 100,000 social media followers, the pair are now back with a new single, entitled “Mad Black Magic,” and a video April 21st. The song, which combines a deep-thump rhythm and feisty vocals, chants an anthem of marching to the beat of your own drum. The song and video hold true to what the duo has faced not only personally, but also professionally.

It wasn’t until early 2011 when Allison and Krystal decided to start writing and performing together. They began in church and then made their way to the stage of the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville before creating a music video for a few hundred dollars. The video then led them to getting a call from the producers of The Voice which landed them a private audition in Nashville. After passing the audition, they were flown to Hollywood where they auditioned for another set of producers and then The Voice stage for the judges where their careers took off in late 2012.

“Our fifth performance ever on a stage was The Voice, ever, and it was in front of the whole world,” Allison tells us exclusively. “Not long after that, we released our first single so we were awkward. We didn’t know who we were. And it’s exciting for us now to be comfortable in our own skin, and to get out and do–just be authentically us.”


Getting such a quick start can be overwhelming for anyone, and Allison says that it’s important for them to stay true to who they are, despite industry standards.

“Coming into the music industry, we didn’t really know the direction we wanted to go and hadn’t really had a chance to learn who we were musically. We had a lot of influential people tell us that who we ‘are’ most likely wasn’t what the music industry wanted and needed. In their words, we were a little too goofy and not quite glamorous enough. We were told what was successful at the time and what they thought was needed in the industry. For awhile we listened,” Allison states. “But we came to a point where we just looked at each other and said enough is enough. We sat down as a family and made a list of who we are and what we love and we just decided we were going to be authentic.”

“People can really tell when you aren’t being genuine and we aren’t very good at being anything but ourselves,” Krystal adds. “So with this new music and video release, you’ll hear that our sound is a little different, mostly because we’ve gained a lot of confidence, but our look is very different from our first CD, Train Wreck. This new look and sound is truly us! We’ve also embraced our fun, goofy side publicly and our fans love getting to know who we really are.”


The story behind the music video follows the journey and revelation of the duo. The first scenes reveal a voodoo queen casting spells on them to make them into something that they aren’t, much like the music industry big wigs. As they sit in gowns in the back of a limo, the spells work for awhile, but then the duo look at each other and realize that they’ve had enough. As the limo stops, the girls step out of the car dressed in boots, jeans and camouflage where they’re ready to hunt down the voodoo queen.

Filmed over two days at the end of March in Savannah, Georgia, the girls adventure through the streets and into the swamps where they find the queen’s hideout. Allison and Krystal then light Molotov cocktails and “burn this sucker to the ground,” as Allison explains, with flames reaching 35-50 feet high, requiring several fire trucks to extinguish the blaze. Luckily, not one person was injured in real life, and the girls quickly escape in the video.


Despite their success independently, one of the duo’s overall goals with the single is to land a major record deal.

“For right now, there’s safety in major labels. There’s strength in that, still,” Allison says. “I believe in them so that’s our goal. We want a major record label and we want to be on a major tour. We want to be on radio. We can send that out to radio, every station in the United States, and them not play it. But if we have a major label behind us, then guess what? They’re gonna play it because they have the support there. For us, that means a whole lot right now.”

Through a last minute entry in a local contest to win free studio time at Blackbird Studios in Nashville (the video uploaded one minute before the cutoff time), the duo has recorded “Mad Black Magic” and two other tracks with Emmy Award-winning producer Trey Bruce (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins). They are also working with promoter Dale Morris and We Blast to ship the single to every country station in the United States, which is more than 2,300.

The pair is asking their fans for help to sell 10,000 copies of “Mad Black Magic” in two weeks through iTunes for .99 cents, make the music video go viral and requesting to hear the single on their local radio stations. Fans are asked to share, comment and rate the song and video through the various outlets to help out.

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Zuus is set to begin airing the video on its country network this week and the duo have hopes of getting it aired on CMT as well.

Although their first album, Train Wreck was a great success for independent artists, since changing their branding, they have not only obtained a clearer sense of direction and drive, but have now been named the faces of Realtree’s girl brands. Being lifelong hunting, fishing and general outdoors enthusiasts this partnership is not only a perfect fit, but couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Like anyone else starting out in the music business, we tried a lot of different approaches,” said Allison. “Early on, we were advised to ‘polish’ our look and sound, but it just wasn’t us. We grew up country and that’s just who we are. Our connection with Realtree Girl runs deep. We’ve worn Realtree for years, hunted and fished in it, and are simply most comfortable wearing it.”

The Realtree Girl brand is licensed by a variety of manufacturers that make quality, authentic, fashionable products for women and girls who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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