Exclusive: Country rappers The LACS grow in popularity

The LACS, aka Loud Ass Crackers, is one of the hottest new bands to come out of Southern Georgia. Their blend of country, southern rock and rap, best known as hick hop, is growing with music fans everywhere and has delivered them a dedicated fan base. In just a few short years, The LACS, made up of Clay Sharpe and Brian King, have amassed over 20 million YouTube views, reached upwards of 100,000 Facebook Fan “Likes,” have sold over 200,000 albums and 400,000 digital tracks to date, and continue to tour extensively playing over 150 dates a year.

The duo is gearing up to release its third album on August 20th entitled Keep It Redneck on Backroad Records, an imprint of Average Joe’s Entertainment (home to Colt Ford, Montgomery Gentry, LoCash Cowboys, JJ Lawhorn and others) which specializes in the country/rap genre.

I caught up with the Clay while en-route to perform in North Carolina on Friday (Aug 17th) about the new CD and their popularity with music fans.

Tell fans what they can expect from the new CD that’s available on Tuesday.

“They can expect, you know, basically like our first two CD’s because we don’t feel like we want to change much though. We feel like that’s the blueprint, you know, of what we do anyways. There [are] one or two little tracks that are completely different sounding that we’ve never done anything like that before. You know, it’s a cool mixture–like there’s one reggae kinda Sublime-sounding song on there we did. And then there’s just the country and the rock, and the rap we already have.”

The country rap format has become increasingly popular even on mainstream radio.

“It’s cool because me and Brian have been together making music together since 2000, so you know, we’ve been at it 13 years making this kind of music, and to see how it’s exploded since Jason Aldean recorded ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ is pretty cool, so, finally bringing it forward for us.”

You’re breaking into the TV business by recording a theme song for a new Animal Planet reality series set to debut on August 26th.

“Yeah, definitely man. That’s a show called Mud Lovin’ Rednecks. We actually met with the cast. We get along with them real good. They’re our kind of people and it’s a pretty cool show, too, so we decided to team up with ’em and do the theme song for it.”

You were recently featured on the cover of the “Arena” section of the Wall Street Journal which focused on your unique ability to connect with fans at live shows and through your recorded music. 

“The Wall Street Journal is pretty, pretty amazing. I mean, it’s not just everybody’s walking around and reading the Wall Street Journal or something, it’s definitely crazy to us when we actually saw the article. They sent a reporter out in California to meet with us in Nashville and it’s just–they wanted to know every aspect about what we’re doing, especially with the mud boggin’, they were so surprised with the whole lifestyle. They were intrigued. That’s why they did the story. But, you know, it blew me away once I saw it in the newspaper. I didn’t think too much about it until then, but when I saw it I was still like ‘Whoa! This is big.'”

The LACS - Keep It Redneck

You practically became instant celebrities on YouTube. Did you ever think you would become so successful branding country and rap?

“We had high hopes for it, but as far as YouTube, man, we just threw out a little video called ‘Kickin’ Up Mud’ a few years ago and really didn’t think no more about it then. That video alone is, you know, pushing close to 10 million now. I mean, I can’t say enough about YouTube, and if fans wouldn’t have found the videos on YouTube–I don’t think for us, you know–how it just caught on, I guess people just love the mud boggin’.”

The country rap is becoming so popular that you guys are constantly on the road.

“We are close to over 150 to 180 dates. We mostly do our own [shows]. We’ve been doing tours with Toby Keith to Florida Georgia Line over the last few months. I just feel like it’s the right time, right now. I mean, I [hope we are nominated] for an award in this category of country music one day.”

How do you feel about describing your music as ‘hick hop’?

“I guess that’s pretty much the closest thing right now. We’ve tried to call it with different words for what our genre would be called–the Country Music Association came up with a category. You know, hick hop was a word that we heard about 10 to 12 years ago. I think Bubba Sparks was the first one we ever heard say it, and you know–hick hop like redneck rappers, you know, country boys just rapping–just because they rap, it don’t mean they ain’t country. You know what I mean? We’ve hung in there—we’ve tried to name this genre before, and it’s harder than you think.”

You can find out more about The LACS at their website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Watch the video for “Keep It Redneck.”

Author: Buddy Iahn

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