Exclusive: Emily Cole hosts debut CD release party

Fifteen year old Emily Cole isn’t your typical teenager growing up in Montgomery, Texas, about an hour north of Houston. The pop singer/songwriter, who has made quite a name for herself touring the Texas club and fair circuit, is preparing to host her first ever CD release party on Saturday, October 17th in nearby Montgomery, Texas. It’s then when she plans to reveal the entire album to family, friends and fans in attendance.

“It’s pop with a little bit of an edge to it,” Cole tells The Music Universe exclusively about what fans can expect from her sound. “It’s got a pop vibe with a little bit of an alternative sound.”

After releasing several solo acoustic songs on her website, featuring mostly cover songs, Cole says the album has taken some time to come together but is excited about it.

“It’s kinda just insane talking about it because the album started out as just a six song EP, and so we were just gonna do it for fun ’cause I was 14 whenever we started recording it. I’m 15 now,” she states. “We got to the six song mark and we wrote a few more songs and we were like ‘Oh my, we have to turn this into an album’ and so this is kinda how the whole album thing got started.”

One song that will appear on the album is Cole’s first single, “Stayed Strong,” which is dedicated to her 13 year old cousin Taylor Peel who, at the time, had been battling cancer for the second time. She wrote the track with her frequent songwriting partner Chris Chimene and their friend Miguel, who are part of her circle of musical friends who support each other, as something Peel can “listen to when he’s going through chemo.” She released the track through iTunes in March 2015 with all proceeds going to Taylor Peel’s Dugout in support of childhood cancer.

“It actually originally wasn’t planned out to be a single,” she claims, “but then the more we thought about it we were like, ‘You know, we can give all the proceeds to Taylor and the charity and it’s a great cause,’ so we decided to put it out as the first single for the album.”

While Cole may be young, she isn’t a stranger to songwriting. She has attended many songwriting camps and workshops over the years where she has had the opportunity to write and record songs, and then showcase them in front of a live audience on the final day of camp. Two songs Cole has written by herself will appear on album with the rest featuring Chimene as a co-writer.


While Cole normally plays solo acoustic shows, she says the CD release party will be a bit different. The first two hours will feature solo acoustic performances with the last hour featuring her band and songs from the album.

“I’m gonna be playing for three hours. For the first two hours, I’m probably gonna do mostly covers and a few originals that aren’t on the album. And then the last hour, we’ll just be playing songs from the album,” she says excitedly. “For the last hour, I’m gonna be, for the first time, actually playing with a band, so we’re gonna have a box drum and a guitar and maybe another guitar. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!”

Chimene will join Cole as lead guitarist with AP Stark on drums for the final hour. Another special guest who will appear at the CD release party is Cole’s vocal coach, Theresa Yow of Theresa Yow Music. Yow will take the stage and provide musical entertainment throughout the night while Cole is on break with Cole joining her on backing vocals.

Having performed at many Texas festivals, including The Berhnhart Winery Festival in Montgomery, the Magnolia Summer Festival and the Montgomery Freedom Festival, and opening for American Idol Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks, Cole has accomplished a lot at her age. The young singer/songwriter has her sights set high for a bigger career in music, but isn’t sure if she’ll end up in a music-oriented city like Nashville or Los Angeles at some point.

“There have been discussions about it,” Cole states. “We’re leaning more towards maybe Nashville. Of course, I’d love to go to both [Nashville and Los Angeles], but moving to one of those places, I don’t know. I’m young. We’re just kinda taking it as it comes.”

When asked about Cole’s plans after the CD release party, she comments, “Just promote it as much as possible, I guess. And just get it out there so people can listen to it and relate to it. Just play a lot of shows and just get it out there as much as possible.”

Emily Cole’s CD release party is Saturday, October 17th from 6-10 pm at Ransom’s Steakhouse & Saloon at 300 C B Stewart Drive in Montgomery, TX. Cole will perform the entire CD live and T-shirts featuring Cole’s logo on some and “Stayed Strong” on others will be given out for free while supplies last. CDs will also be available for sale. There is no cover charge. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


Author: Buddy Iahn

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