What do you call a bad ass Florida boy with a God-given talent of song writing? Westin Davis, of course. Six years ago he loaded up his old Ford truck and headed to Nashville, TN with nothing but a bag of dreams and a pile of songs. It was only a matter of time before Westin was signed with Magic Mustang Music.

“Westin is so incredibly talented as a writer,” states Juli Newton-Griffith, the creative director at Magic Mustang. “He blows me away every week with something new. Buckle up. We are getting ready to start a wild ride of success.”  Today, Westin can be found writing with well known artists like Kip Moore and Thompson Square. His name grows more popular by the day and it’s hard to tell who he will be writing with next. There is no limit to what he can achieve.”

Westin Davis may seem like your everyday bad boy, but don’t let all the tattoos blind you. Behind every one is a determined, caring, wonderful person who has plenty of songs to share with the world. I sat down with Davis to chat about his career and future plans.

How long have you been writing songs?

I actually wrote my first song in fourth grade. At the time I was growing up on the rougher side of the tracks. I remember my teacher saying the vice principle wanted all the students to write a rap song about stopping the violence in the community and making schools safer. The best song would get to be performed for the faculty and students, before the teacher could even finish talking I had already put it on paper. My song won and it started from there.

How has it been since you signed with Magic Mustang Music?

It’s been great! I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. I’m very lucky to have Juli Newton-Griffith, Kiethan Melton, Paul Brown, and Benny Brown in my corner. It really is just like family.

What artists have you worked with?

Well at this stage of the game you pretty much work with them all on one level or another. Either you’re writing, recording, pitching songs, touring with them, or even just hanging out with them. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with artists both established and the up and coming as well.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

To be honest with you, I live day to day. I don’t like looking too far ahead just because I’m afraid of rushing my life away. I can tell you what a summers day will look like five years from now. After more songs being recorded, big singles and continued growth in this business . . . I’ll be in my hometown at my favorite beach access with some boys I grew up with. We’ll be laughing, cutting up like we always do and I’ll still just be a Fernandina boy.

What is your favorite thing about music?

Ask me about six months from now and it might be a different answer but today I would have to say how therapeutic it is. I just recently had to go through and continue to go through something in my life that at times makes the seconds feel like hours. Instead of reaching for the bottle, the phone, or someone else…I reach for my guitar.  With every song I write it pushes me ahead and moves me on.