Exclusive: Josey Milner combats bullying through music

Josey Milner might only be a senior in high school, but she’s already making a big difference in the lives of many people.  Milner, with her single “Not Pretty Enough,” is a spokesperson for Angels and Doves, a charity dedicated to bringing awareness, education, and prevention of bullying.

“‘Not Pretty Enough’ was released last year, and then it went crazy,” Milner tells The Music Universe exclusively.  “My manager found the song while watching a horror movie.  I like the lyrics.  It went to #11 on iTunes.

“Angels and Doves heard the song and really liked it. I love what they’re doing, so we came together mutually and I became a spokesperson.”

Milner got her start at rodeos and local fairs around Kansas City, Missouri, and then got her break at the International Steel Guitar Show in St. Louis, Missouri in 2010.

“I did rodeo for eight years, then sang in St. Louis,” Milner said.  “Leona Williams heard me, and told me to be serious and that I had lots of potential. I put a band together and then things took off.”

“We’re trying to get another EP together, we have the basis of songs picked out.”

Milner, not one to sit idly by, is continuing to work on new material, including what could be her next single.

“We’re trying to get another EP together, we have the basis of songs picked out. I record at Aw Shucks Studios in Buckner, Missouri.  No one really knows about it, I feel like it’s my little secret.

“[This year] I’m going to keep playing with my band, we have a lot of shows lined up. I’m getting back into the studio, we have a rough version of my new single finished and we hope it’s out soon.  It’s called “Cowgirl,” and it talks about how cowgirls kick butt at everything. It’s a really upbeat song. It just has mixing and mastering left.”

Look for Milner’s new song on the airwaves soon!

Author: Ryan King

Ryan King began covering music in 2004 for the Arrow, the student newspaper at Southeast Missouri State University, eventually becoming Managing Editor at that publication. He is also the former Music Editor for OFF! Magazine, an alternative publication published by the Southeast Missourian. Ryan began writing for The Music Universe when launched, but has stepped away to focus on law. He may appear from time to time for reviews.

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