Exclusive: Ted Nugent talks legacy, touring, politics & more

Millions of music lovers were introduced to Ted Nugent in the 60s as a guitar-shredding showman, but the Motor City Madman has become a household name across the globe with his TV show, philanthropy and political stances, as well.

The rocker has sold more than 40 million records and will perform what will be his 7,000th concert this year as he embarks on a 2017 summer tour. Nugent took time on Wednesday (April 12th) to discuss his legacy, touring, Chuck Berry, his Outdoor Channel TV series, politics – including Donald Trump – and more, exclusively with The Music Universe.

The entire twenty-minute interview can be heard in the video below, but here are some snippets of what we discussed.

You’re back on the road this summer. The tour kicks off June 23rd with dates through August. What can fans expect at a Ted Nugent concert?

“Well the most important thing is they wanna bring their marshmallows because in 2017, there seems to be more flames coming out of my ass than ever before. And they can probably bring some wieners and big slabs of meat to cook on the flames coming out of my ass. No, they can expect one hundred percent full bluntal Nugenty.

“The excitement level from the band alone is enough to cook your marshmallows at a hundred yards. The intensity of music has never been higher. The fun factor has never been more volatile. When we rehearse, it’s like a bunch of maniac kids in a garage with their first amplifiers and guitars and drums. We just love these songs. They’re so much fun to play. The people can expect the tightest, most soulful grooving band on the face of the earth with so much humor and positive energy, it might scare some folks.”

When your latest studio record, Shut Up & Jam, was released in 2014, there was an eight year gap between albums. Are we going to have to wait that long to hear new music?

“I really wish we wouldn’t have to because I’ve got some monster songs. I got killer songs that I just can’t wait to share with people. But the way the industry is – When you admit, Buddy, that radio policy — It’s a policy on rock and roll radio that they won’t play new stuff – BY ANYBODY! They won’t play new Van Halen or new Cheap Trick or new Ted Nugent or new Sammy Hagar. They won’t play new Aerosmith or ZZ Top. What the fuck kind of policy is that!?”

It’s the most absurd policy I’ve ever heard in my life.

“It’s anti-music. It’s anti-American. It’s bizzaro! So, with that in mind here, you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a record and then somebody gets it and everybody downloads it for nothing, no thank you! And radio won’t support it.

I am so proud of Shut Up & Jam. We play songs from that record. ‘I Still Believe’ is a monster. ‘I Love My Barbecue.’ On Shut Up & Jam, there are so many great songs on that record, it drives me nuts that radio ignored it like they did, but the songs hold their own, you know.”

All of this, and more, was just within the first seven minutes alone. The interview continues with Nugent’s discern for radio’s ignorance towards new songs by classic rock artists before speaking softly about Chuck Berry’s influence. And what would be a Ted Nugent interview without discussing politics? I welcomed his thoughts with open arms.

It was a pleasure interviewing such an icon. You can check out tednugent.com for all of his upcoming tour dates.

In the meantime, grab a drink, sit back and strap yourself in for quite the rock and roll adventure with none other than Ted Nugent himself with the interview below.

Buddy Iahn
Buddy Iahn

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