There are many talents in the streets of the UK. The world has witnessed famous stars who had their humble beginnings on the streets. People in the UK hardly ignore skills in the city or the subway. Some buskers have proven to be the most talented in the world after winning global awards.

Some buskers believed in themselves to someday sell millions of albums in a single day. Their dream to be famous stars is within, and they give their all to make people happy for a few notes here and there. I encourage all buskers out there to give their best as nobody knows whether you will attract an A&R man to sign you up. What follows are the famous buskers who made it to music stars.


The talented English folk-rock singer and songwriter Michael Rosenburg takes the stage name Passenger. The world remembers him after being nominated in 2014 during the Brit Award British Single for his title “Let Her Go.” Passenger’s skills are evident when his fingers touch the guitar strings. The talented singer began writing songs at the age of 14 and left school at 16 years. After breaking up with his band in 2009, Michael started busking in Brighton.

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart is among the most prominent musicians globally and was recognized for his services to music and charity in 2016. Stewart once busked along with folk singer Wizz Jones. The duo started busking at Leicester Square and other parts of London before traveling to Brighton, Paris, and Barcelona. His incredible performance was in London after performing Handbags and Gladrags. Stewart recently released his 31st studio album, Tears of Herculeswhich is his fourth new album of original songs since 2013 and first since 2018’s Blood Red Roses. The British pop star has also extended his long-term Las Vegas residency into 2022.

Ed Sheeran

The audience recognizes Ed Sheeran due to his shabby appearance. The British Award Winner has a long history of sleeping rough on the London underground. He has narrated how he slept on his friend’s sofas, but all that struggle is behind his back. People who are going through a difficult time in life will try everything they can to help themselves. VSO offers a large choice of free casino slots for those who enjoy playing casino games but do not have the financial means to do so. They don’t have any Ed Sheeran-themed slots, but they do have Elvis Presley, KISS, Michael Jackson, and other music-themed slots. “Thinking Out Loud” went viral, and Sheeran is now one of Britain’s most popular exports. Sheeran used to perform on the streets of England as a busker.

Tracy Chapman

The four-time award-winning folk and blues-rock artist Tracy Chapman was born in Cleveland. Her musical journey began at three, and she started playing the guitar at the age of eight. While at Tufts University, Chapman got a permit from Cambridge Arts Council, allowing her to busk in Harvard Square. A student’s father in charge of a record label noticed Chapman and assisted her in signing with Elektra Records after leaving school.


Jewel learned to play the guitar while at Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan. She is a four-time Grammy-nominated artist who started as a busker. Her career began at a younger age, where she performed at roadhouses and taverns along with her father. While at Interlochen, Jewel would perform in coffee shops. Jewel graduated and traveled across the country, busking and performing small gigs. Last year she celebrated the 25th anniversary of her 1995 breakthrough album, Pieces of You, with a newly remastered original album, plus B-sides, rarities, demos and outtakes, as well as live material recorded at the Inner Change Coffeehouse in San Diego in 1994 that led to a record label bidding war.

Damien Rice

Damien began his career as a part of the Juniper rock band composed of Paul Noonan, Dominic Phillips, David Geraghty, and Brian Cosby. The crew met at Salesian College in Celbridge, Ireland. After releasing three albums together, Rice left in 1998. Rice relocated to Tuscany to start farming and later started busking across Europe before returning to Ireland in 2001. Rice has made impromptu street performances such as Prague and Dublin on Christmas Eve even after becoming a star.

Busking is an art that demands people to get out there. Busking gave the above stars a platform to kickstart their career.