Fans celebrate Chris Gaines 20th anniversary

Gainesfest 2019 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Garth Brooks’ portrayal of fictional rock star

Remember when Garth Brooks turned into a rock star for an album in 1999? Some may not but many diehard fans do and want more of it. Garth Brooks still does and doesn’t want to relive it, but some fans in Nashville are celebrating Brooks’ alter ego for the 20th anniversary of the country star’s confusing portrayal of a fictional Australian pop/rock star.

On September 28, 1999, Brooks released Garth Brooks… In The Life Of Chris Gaines, also known as Chris Gaines’ Greatest Hits, with a backstory so believable a real VH1 Behind The Music episode aired with interviews by Brooks as Gaines and the real Billy Joel. Brooks even promoted the album with an appearance on SNL in which he hosted and performed as Gaines, although never mentioning the two singers are the same person. The album went double platinum and gave Brooks his only pop hit with “Lost In You,” but was a disappointment compared to his previous releases.

The album was intended to be a pre-soundtrack to The Lamb, a film that was set to star Brooks (or Steven Tyler) as the fictional Gaines which re-enacted portions of Gaines’ life including a battle with sex addiction and a car wreck that required the fictional singer to have nearly unrecognizable plastic surgery. However, due to financial and management decisions, the film was never made, leaving fans even more confused about the project.

On September 28, 2019, fans will gather at the Nashville club, The Cobra, to celebrate the “beautiful, historic moment in music history” with Gainesfest 2019 – A Celebration of The Life of Chris Gaines. Festivities include a Chris Gaines look-a-like contest, Chris Gaines tribute band, art for sale that’s inspired by Gaines and more.

Fans can RSVP via this Facebook event, but must be 21 and older to attend. One thing’s for sure, don’t show up expecting Gaines to make a surprise appearance. Brooks has rarely mentioned the project since it died off nearly six months after its release and has no plans to relive it.

Author: Buddy Iahn

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