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Fans send Beyoncé birthday cards via AwesomeBox

Beyoncé fans are collaborating to make a gift for her 35th birthday on September 4th. Hundreds of real birthday cards with stories, tributes and photos will be printed and delivered in an “AwesomeBox.”

“You always make me remember why I sing and love to perform… Never worrying about the negativity,” Derrick Langford wrote in his card. “Staying grounded and humble. That’s another lesson you have taught me.”

“I’ve been a fan of yours before I could even walk. I went to my first concert at the age of 8,” Unique Owens from Houston wrote in her card. “You’re a great example of a woman & I can’t express how much I’m thankful…”

Anyone can go online before August 28th at midnight ET to make a card with a photo, favorite lyrics, a selfie, or just to say why they love her. It’s absolutely free. Then, all the cards will be printed and delivered to her in an AwesomeBox on her special day.

“We asked our users if there were well-known personalities for whom they’d want to collaborate on an AwesomeBox. Beyoncé was the top vote getter with a birthday this fall, so this is the first box for a celebrity that we’re doing,” explained Tony Deifell, co-founder of AwesomeBox.

AwesomeBox is a box full of the best memories, stories, and photos packaged in a one-of-a-kind printed gift that everyone contributes to together!

“AwesomeBox is a great way for a big group of people to co-create a physical gift,” said Dana Underwood, co-founder of AwesomeBox. “Recently, twenty thousand employees of Carmax made a retirement gift for their CEO. Some people make an AwesomeBox with a smaller group of family and friends as a wedding gift for their best friend or a Holiday gift for their grandmother.”

It’s easy to create the perfect, bespoke gift just like the one for Queen Bey:

  • Create an online spot for someone special.
  • Invite family and friends to upload photos and heartfelt messages from anywhere in the world.
  • AwesomeBox does the rest, turning everything into eye-catching, colorful printed cards that they’ll eagerly pore over!

The best part is fans can access Instagram and their Facebook photos to include in their message.