For some reason I began having visions of Stephen Malkmus when listening to indie folk band EdTang & The Chops. Yes, both are different kinds of artists but they do share some similarities, most evidently being a lot of introspective songwriting. Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner has plenty of that but also lots of fun times. It’s the kind of album you can enjoy listening solo or with a group while having what else, a sushi dinner.

It’s a collection of songs about the joys of youth, entering adulthood, but make no mistake; it’s not entirely without its feel good moments. Good, Zen . . . has a nice healthy collection of celebratory songs, much like the celebratory feel when attending an EdTang & The Chops concert.

Folk music doesn’t come much better than this. It’s a nice medley of songs; songs that will stick around in your head after taking a listen to them.