Four genres of gospel music you can listen online

Gospel music is a genre of music deeply rooted in the culture of African American peoples. Its conception came in the 1800s when African Americans were excluded from attending white churches. The African American churches in the southern states of the U.S.A began integrating different music styles into their worship, including hymns, sacred songs, and spiritual songs. The music is sung at the front of the church, while members of the congregation sing along, clap their hands, and stomp their feet. This page will tell you more about the four distinct genres of gospel music that exist, and you can listen to them online.
Here they are.

Contemporary Gospel

The contemporary gospel is a modern incarnation of the genre, very popular amongst young people. While not unique to black gospel music, this modernization of biblical hymns is innovative and ingenious and has been very successful in attracting younger people to the church. Contemporary gospel music features vocalists singing over electronic instrumentals or choir backing. The contemporary gospel is so popular in North America that it has had its own radio stations and television stations developed entirely for people to listen to and enjoy the music.

Traditional Gospel

The traditional gospel is much the same today as it was over a hundred years ago. As mentioned in the introduction, it was developed by black churchgoers in the southernmost states of the United States of America. It is a distinct genre that is unlike any other, apart of course, from its sub-genres. Traditional gospel music is liked by all, but favored most by the older generation, as the contemporary gospel is unquestionably the favorite of the young. Traditional gospel music is very popular all over the United States now and is a staple of the African American community and something universally associated with them.

Quartet Gospel

Women primarily sing gospel music; however, quarter-style gospel music is sung by men. A quarter is a small number of male vocalists. Quartet style gospel is a very popular genre among all fans of gospel music, and while at one time it was rare, it is now a common feature of churches across the United States. Quartet style gospel music is unique in that the male singers all have very tight harmonies. Quartet style gospel music is definitely a genre to check out, and one that you can listen to online or offline, and there are many television shows, channels, and radio channels dedicated to it.

Praise and Worship

Praise and worship is a combination of traditional gospel and contemporary gospel. The praise and worship singer, who if they were just singing contemporary gospel music, would be singing alone, sings in front of a small choir or quartet. Praise and worship is another genre of the gospel that is incredibly popular amongst the youth due to its fusion of styles. Praise and worship are very popular in and out of churches and can be listened to offline or online. There are many television channels and radio stations dedicated to praise and worship music.

Now, with the help of this page, you know four styles of gospel music that you can listen to on the radio in the comfort of your own home. Gospel music is very popular, and a lot of fun, and is certainly something you should give a listen to.

Buddy Iahn
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