Four things you should know about DJ controllers

Years back, DJs relied on CDs and vinyl to play music and entertain crowds. This required a lot of time and effort to pull off. Nowadays, technological advancements in music have made a DJ’s work a lot easier.

A DJ controller is basically an all-in-one unit that incorporates all the different functionalities of a traditional deck and mixer and merges them into one place.

With the help of a controller, DJs can play music a lot more effortlessly and customize their music selection. You can also create playlists, mix music and manipulate the audio sounds the best way you see fit.

The following are some of the things you should know about DJ controllers;

DJ controllers are a better mimic of traditional setups

One of the main things you should know about DJ controllers is that they’re meant to replace the traditional setups of a mixer and two decks. A DJ controller does this by merging the two into one.

This is what allows DJs to mix and scratch tracks just as you would in a traditional setup. With a DJ controller, you can also adjust the frequency of the songs however you like.

When used with software, the DJ controller won’t require a mouse for control. Instead, you’ll only need to use the knobs and controls to change and select the tracks you want. This ensures that you get to control the DJ controller using control knobs like those from a traditional setup.

Even though a DJ controller mimics a traditional setup of a mixer and two decks, it still provides way more features and possibilities. For example, with a DJ controller, you can rearrange tracks and longer intros, drum out new melodies and edit audio files.

On the other hand, performing these functions with a traditional setup will require you to edit the audio files separately using Ableton or Logic, which is much more complex.

You do not need to integrate a DJ controller with a mixer

If you’re looking to purchase a DJ controller, you’d be relieved to find out that you don’t necessarily need to get a mixer. This is because DJ controllers have in-built mixers in the center of the console.

Since the DJ controller is mostly connected to the sound systems, you don’t need to use it with a mixer. However, this doesn’t entirely mean that you can’t use it with a third-party mixer if you want to.

In most cases, people opt for a third-party mixer when the mic inputs are better there than in the controller. This is meant to enhance the functionality of the DJ controller and provide a much better music experience.

However, if your mic inputs are working fine, you don’t need a mixer. This is because adding one will only take up much space in your DJ booth and end up inconveniencing you.

You can use a DJ controller in a club

The days of people looking down on DJ controllers are gone. So if you’re an aspiring DJ and you just got booked for a gig, you can bring your DJ controller to the club.

DJ controllers might have started as inferior music equipment, but over the years, they have advanced, and they now incorporate some of the best features that can be found in pro DJ equipment.

Some of the best DJ controllers in 2021 are becoming a dominant force in the DJ culture. To learn about this, read more here. However, it’s important to note that some clubs have some high-quality DJ equipment. This means unless you have a high-end DJ controller, you’re better off using the equipment provided for the sake of a great music experience.

Also, if you’re planning on bringing a DJ controller to the club, it’s important to communicate with the management beforehand so that they can make the necessary adjustments.

DJ controllers are priced depending on their features

If you’re an aspiring DJ looking to purchase a controller, it might interest you to know that they’re generally priced according to the features they offer and not size.

A compact DJ controller with features such as DJ headphones, equalizers, a separate mixer, and LED input is likely to cost more than one without. So if you decide to go for a cheaper controller, you might not offer your listeners music with strong effects like you intend.

When you spend a little extra on your DJ controller, you’re likely to get all the features you need in one place.

DJ controllers are an important part of the future of music. With more manufacturers entering the game, we’re likely to see even more innovative DJ controllers. So if you’re an aspiring or established DJ, you might want to consider them as a real option when upgrading your setup.

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